To Outsource or not to Outsource…

The age old question – to outsource or not to outsource – is a constant struggle, especially in marketing. The marketing world is changing as quickly as the technology is. True experts in marketing automation are in high demand and experience high turnover, which means it can be expensive and time consuming to hire. But the same can be said for finding the right fit for an agency to work with. So which do you go with?

We say both…just hear us out!

Marketing automation is a relatively new concept, the percentage of companies that don’t use marketing automation is greater than those who use it.   And for those that do, we’ve often found they’re only scratching the surface of what they can truly accomplish with marketing automation. A consultation partner can fill the gap when getting your team trained and supported and make sure there’s a consistent and effective implementation of your marketing automation system.

The best partners will also show you how to leverage the components that are right for your business (not just try to sell you everything you don’t need) and keep you up to date on new and changing features. They take marketing teams from novice to experts and can help support more complex automation strategies that could take a beginner months to get started with. By building and supporting the framework for your marketing automation system, they help make sure your team is set up for success no matter their experience level.

Essentially, getting marketing automation to work for your business involves a team of people working together inside and outside of the company:

  1. Executive support who has visibility into the analytics coming from the system, and what those trends mean for the business as a whole.
  2. Campaign level team members who understand the ins-and-outs of the company and have quick access to internal resources like IT, product and sales to get questions answered quickly.
  3. A partner that helps guide, drive and recommend changes to help drive quick return and problem solve with your marketing team.

The value a partner provides goes beyond just knowing how marketing automation works, they should be offering true consultative services that analyze your business and how they can best support you, whether you have 1 or 20 people on your marketing team.

If you’d like more information on how Leadous serves as a marketing automation consultation partner to companies looking to up their marketing game contact us.

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