Leadous helps your business reach its audience with Marketo, a dynamic marketing automation tool that helps your company nurture customer relationships, create leads, and generate revenue.


This page is dedicated to highlighting the most effective Marketo documentation to help you get off the ground running and to stay up to date on the latest trends such as: personalization, revenue modeler, integration and more. Whether you are new to Marketo or an old-hand, there’s something for you.


Marketo is a robust tool, and we have some great resources to share with you. Want emoji’s in your subject line but still want a high deliverability rate? Looking to test content using email? Just want to know all of the random tricks for your Marketo instance? No problem, review the items below and we have you covered with all of your email marketing needs.

Marketo Tips and Tricks

Email Testing 101

Using Emoji’s in Emails

Highlighted tip: Improve your email in Marketo, here are three essential and simple ways to get started.  


With a tool as powerful as Marketo, it can be difficult to know where to begin the learning process. Start here. These will help you build the foundation of your Marketo understanding from a high level.


Basic: Just getting started with Marketo? It can be a lot to bite off at once. Head here to get your instance set up, learn core features, and begin your first learning missions.


Make sure to check out the video overviews, as you’re getting introduced and familiarize yourself with the Community. This is where you will find Product Docs, and training in the university.


Intermediate: A little icon goes a long way. Learn one of the languages of Marketo or teach yourself keyboard shortcuts.


Advanced: See lead insights like account information and recent activity in your Google mail with the Marketo Insights pane.


Smart Lists


Basic: A Smart List helps you segment your customer database. Understand how to import leads and target programs and campaigns to a particular audience.


Intermediate: Learn some tips and tricks with these best practices for Smart List creation.


Use Marketo’s Built-in/System Smart Lists to find useful information like possible duplicate leads, or bounced email addresses.


Advanced: Need to make your list or Smart List available to another Workspace? Learn how to share.



Basic: Still learning how to create assets in Marketo? Review and practice creating campaigns with these Quick Wins.


Marketo has rolled out Email Editor 2.0! Learn how to use these new dynamic templates in your campaigns. Consider checking out these Community tips before you implement.


 Re-approving individual landing pages after template adjustments can be a pain, especially when you have multiple pages. Thanks to a recent Marketo update, you can now batch approve landing pages! Learn more, here.


Intermediate: Engagement programs nurture your leads. Review this video to create streams, manage candence, and score campaign members.


Advanced: Optimize your real-time personalization campaigns using A/B testing.



Basic: Learn how to navigate the Marketo Calendar.


Intermediate: Use entry types, program tags, or workspaces to filter the information displayed on the calendar.


Advanced: Create entries directly in the Calendar.



Basic: Review the various types of search marketing and ways to improve your rankings with the Introduction to Search Engine Optimization video.


Intermediate: Explore Market’s SEO App. See if your website is reaching your intended audience with the SEO Dashboard.


Advanced: Keywords are important. See how your site stacks up when it come to search words relevant to your business with the Keywords Summary View.


CRM Sync

Important changes are in progress with the Marketo-Salesforce sync! When the configuration change happens, certain data will stop syncing between Marketo and Salesforce. Review the changes and timeline, and see what actions to take, here.


Basic: Use your existing customer database with Marketo. Watch an overview of how CRM sync works.


Intermediate: Using Salesforce? Review how Salesforce syncs with Marketo.


Manage how leads are assigned in your CRM. Learn how to use a flow-action to change an existing lead’s owner.


Advanced: Drill down to the specifics of Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamic sync: SFDC Sync and Microsoft Dynamic Sync.


A/B Testing

Basic: Discover the two types of email testing in Marketo that can help you improve your engagement.


Intermediate: Which emails engage your customers effectively? Find out using an A/B test.


Advanced: After running the A/B test, see which emails are performing best with the Email Program Dashboard.



Basic: Marketo tracks your engagement programs with a multitude of reports. Get an overview of options.


Email Insights allows marketers to see historical data on emails and optimizes your workflow. Learn more, here.


Intermediate: Want to see how that email performed? Create a report within the program.


Advanced: Get the whole story with a Opportunity Influence Analyzer, and see how a specific program contributed to a sales opportunity.



Learn about Marketo Insights for Google Chrome. Send an email from Google with Marketo, track, and record as a Sent Sales Email activity.


Learn more about Account-based marketing (ABM) – a strategic approach to lead generation that targets specific accounts in this ebook 


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