Marketing Automation Platforms 101


Gone are the days where sales is short on quality leads, where marketing has to manually set up a batch and blast email campaign to every email address it can find and hope someone takes the bait, or where executives have to wonder how they’ll make their quarterly revenue goals.


Good riddance to that! And welcome to the age of marketing intelligence.


Technology is changing at a rapid pace, providing businesses with unprecedented intelligence that would have been unheard of just ten years ago. One of these rapidly growing solutions is the marketing automation platform (MAP). And it’s changed the way marketing generates leads.


Marketing automation platforms, like Marketo, help to streamline, automate and analyze marketing. In feature/functionality speak, that means the platform manages your email marketing, landing pages and forms, campaign management, lead nurturing/scoring, lead lifecycle management, CRM integration, social marketing capabilities and marketing analytics.


In short, marketing automation platforms are much more than an email sending tool. They provide the intelligence to encompass multi channel campaigns – social, email, web, phone, and even direct mail. They bring all your marketing channels under one roof, and then connect with your CRM and web platform to create one very smart, whirring piece of software that drives real value if implemented and used correctly (that’s where Leadous comes in, more on that later).


Companies that use marketing automation well increase the efficiency of their sales and marketing, to help accelerate the conversion of names to qualified leads  and ultimately increase revenue. And what revenue-driven company doesn’t want that?


Got a question about why and how your company should adopt a marketing automation platform (or which one to choose)? Contact us here.


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