Why you need to outsource a marketing automation review 

In a recent discovery session with a new client about revamping their marketing automation strategy, they said an often repeated phrase that nevertheless rings true, “I don’t know what I don’t know.”

In some ways, this phrase is true for all of us! But especially for marketing teams constantly being pushed to do more with less, more quickly, and under more pressure than ever before, it becomes a signal for action. You don’t know what you don’t know, and if you’re looking to better leverage your tech stack to support those ever increasing business goals, how do you pinpoint exactly what it is you don’t know? 

Whether your team is new to marketing automation, or simply hasn’t had the resources or time to spend with ongoing training in the last year of craziness, there’s a pretty simple answer. Work with a partner to establish a marketing automation review for 2021. 

Here are three reasons many of our clients come to us for a marketing automation review to jumpstart a comprehensive plan that drives results long term:

Quickly scale up your marketing automation expertise and capacity

By working with a partner for a top to bottom marketing automation review, you get the advantage of quickly analyzing and building plans for the future, without needing to spend the time and budget onboarding new team members. And then if you’ve already got some of the team in place, you can train and develop their skills so they can take over the reins from there!

Working with a partner from the beginning gives your team the ultimate flexibility depending on needs and ensures that no matter what happens you always have a team of experts to rely on who can step in and provide the expertise you need to grow.

Take advantage of a rinse and repeat process tailored to your business goals

The next reason many customers work with Leadous for a marketing automation review is the fact that we’ve worked with so many of their colleagues in the past.

We have a whole playbook to rely on with years of experience in creating, planning, executing and managing campaigns and providing overall marketing automation strategy best practices for our clients across industries. We always start with your business goals and timelines and use those to identify quick wins specific to your business. The combination of extensive experience plus the ability to tailor to your needs gives you the leg up in your marketing automation strategy.

Get a one stop shop from database to CRM to HTML design to virtual event integration

One of the final reasons to work with a partner for a marketing automation review is the breadth of projects you can kickstart. Look for a partner who can truly do an inside out review of your marketing automation strategy, from integrations to database cleanliness to email HTML design and deliverability ramifications. By bringing all of that expertise in through one partner, you’re able to learn exactly what you don’t know that you don’t know and choose to either outsource with that partner or train up your internal team so you don’t have that problem again.

There are so many different reasons why our clients engage with a partner to optimize their campaign effectiveness and elevate their marketing teams to the next level. Are you thinking about engaging with a marketing automation partner for a marketing automation review? Please reach out to Leadous, we’d love to hear from you anytime! 





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