Spring (and Summer) Cleaning your Database


It’s finally starting to warm up. The dusty shades and stuffed closets are calling your name, begging for a little time and attention. But what about your company’s database? It sounds silly, but your marketing and sales database needs a little spring cleaning every so often too. No database is ever 100% clean, but duplicates, incompletes or just plain bad data means you are leaving holes in your database where you could be driving results! Because the better your data, the more accurate the analytics are, and the easier it is to make sound decisions to improve your pipeline. Here are a couple tips to keep in mind as you embark on your data cleaning journey.


Think beyond the admin


How are you or your team using this data in the future? If you don’t know what your internal stakeholders (including marketing, sales, c-suite leadership and of course, database admins) are looking for in the data, it makes it harder to keep a neat, tidy database that works for everyone. Consider each of your internal stakeholder’s needs for the CRM (what are they trying to accomplish with the data or analyze within the data) and list out the information you’ll need in order to achieve those goals. Setting up the data with your end goals for the CRM in mind ensures you’re using the right fields, collecting the right data, and getting the most out of your system.


Standardization is your friend


Once you’ve got a firm understanding of who is using the data and why, start applying some common standardization across it all. Use the same field labels and define terms for team members that may not know them. Stay consistent, and encourage anyone using the database to do the same – in fact document your standards and share them.


Make sure it’s all in one place


If you already have your CRM and marketing automation platform working and talking together, kudos! (If not, let’s talk, we can help!) But are there duplicate data points? Is there a process dictating how contacts go from being nurtured in your marketing automation platform over to the CRM? Document and decide a central place for sales or marketing to analyze and move the data so you’ll have less of a mess to clean up next time.


Roll up your sleeves


Your business goals and the extent of the clean up (do you need a database overhaul? or just to update a few contact record fields?) will dictate how extensive your database clean up needs to go. It helps to go back to the goals of your database and start there. Are you trying to find loyal clients to run upsell campaigns? Re-engage dead leads? Start organizing data according to the goal you’re looking for, all the while cleaning out duplicates and inactive contacts (or putting them into a re-engagement campaign).


This process can be tedious at times, but there are many experts out there who can take on that burden to quickly and efficiently clean up your data. Check out ourdatabase cleanup services and contact us if you’d like more information on that!


Mark your calendar


The purpose of a good database cleanup is getting processes in place that mean you won’t have to do it all the time. Once you have these processes in place, try to still schedule regular data check-ins to make sure all is running smoothly and nothing needs to be adjusted.


Good luck! And as always, we’re here to help. Our database analysis and updating service can do the dirty work for you, so you can get back to the rest of the things that need spring cleaning, like that coffee mug that’s been on your desk for the last two months…


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