December Edition – Customer Specific URL Changes & Form Updates

Marketo Engage is making changes that may impact your URLs and forms.

Customer Specific URL Changes

Starting January 21, 2021 Marketo Engage will be making changes to the structure of URLs for landing pages, forms, and images/files for subscribers without a configured landing page domain.  These changes will not impact users who currently have a configured landing page domain.

What’s Changing?

  • Paths for each asset type will change to a unique hostname for your individual  subscription. 

What Actions Should Be Taken to Prepare for the Upcoming Changes?

  • Configure landing page URLs with a CNAME.
  • Enable SSL on your landing pages.
  • Update secure pages hosted outside of Marketo Engage that utilize Marketo Engage forms with the new embed code released in October 2020.
  • Audit where Design Studio assets are referenced on the web to update the existing URL structure. 

When Will Changes Be Implemented?

  • For new subscriptions, Marketo Engage will begin gradually provisioning the updated URLs starting January 21 – March 4, 2021
  • For existing users, changes will gradually roll out starting April 1, 2021,  with more details on the timeline to be released in March.
  • Complete depreciation of current URLs will begin in 2022.

As additional information becomes available we will pass it along but in the meantime you can find more info here: Marketo Nation Post

Form Updates

What’s Changing?

  • Forms 1.0 will no longer be functional and submissions will not go through.
  • Marketo Engage will reject form submissions through unsupported methods such as programmatic form POSTs due to being frequent targets of bot attacks. 

What Actions Should Be Taken to Prepare for the Upcoming Changes?

  • If your subscription was provisioned before December 31, 2014 you may still be utilizing Forms 1.0 assets, those will need to be updated in Forms 2.0 and replaced wherever they’re being used.
  • Check to see if any third parties are using the form POST method to send information to Marketo Engage as workarounds will be required.

When Will Changes Be Implemented?

  • The above changes will be a part of the May 7, 2021 Marketo Engage release.

Find out more about the form changes here.

Of course we’re always here if you have questions,  contact us.

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