Meet Your Marketo Experts.

The Leadous team is your team. We connect people to your brand by enhancing your marketing strategy with purposeful automation that drives mindful digital experiences. With an expert on your side we can work together to reach your goals. Are you looking to drive success in your sales pipeline? Are you searching for a platform to help push out your marketing initiates? Do you need help configuring your Mar Tech strategy? Meet your team below. 

Tracey Ellis

CEO and Co-Founder

Jennifer Sherry

VP Partner Strategy

Aimee LaBree Hohn

VP Training and Development

Elizabeth Ackerman

VP Client Engagement

Chantal Peterson

Project Manager
Becca Headshot

Becca Lawson

Lead Consultant

Robert Kelen

Marketing Automation Technologist

Angela Rangitsch

Campaign Strategist

Carissa Erickson

Client Services Coordinator

Phil Kline

Client Success Manager

Donna Blessing

Account Strategist

Richard Tee

Director of Consulting

Telesha Destein

Business Development

Nicole V. Scott

Marketing Automation Account Strategist

Anthony Rubio

Lead Consultant

Odelia Castillo

Project Manager
Ronnie Headshot.pdf (2)

Ronnie Allemand

Project Manager

Adam Berlin

Marketo & Bizible Consultant

Doug Parker

Marketo Consultant

Erin Dunne

Marketing Manager

Jawaan Holmes

Lead Sales Executive