2022 Global Marketing Automation Trends 

In Partnership With Adobe, Leadous Is Conducting A Survey To Capture Key Trends In Marketing Automation


MINNEAPOLIS | MN, March 11th, 2022: Leadous, an eight year platinum Adobe partner is excited to announce the 2022 launch  of their global Marketing Automation survey.   Focused on capturing key trends from marketers to support automation initiatives to drive growth by  gaining perspective on the features marketers are most interested in to power their lead generation strategies. 


“As a leader in the Marketing Automation Industry, Leadous is committed to gathering key insights and data so the marketing community can get more of what will add value to their organizations and enhance their overall business performance,” shared Elizabeth Ackerman, VP of Services at Leadous. “The goal is to gather specific insights  from the surveys, and offer high value resources, solutions, and services to support growth based on what needs are expressed,” 

Leadous understands the value of Marketing Automation and its ability to enable organizations to maximize ROI, enhance  lead generation, and increase overall company growth. Top leaders leverage technology to streamline their marketing processes and create a multitouch experience for their customers and audience members.  From advanced nurture campaigns and social media engagement to landing page creation and identifying  new opportunities, the responsibilities of marketers continue to expand.  Based on this continuous growth the marketing automation industry continues to elevate to meet those demands; all resulting in greater retention, deeper engagement and overall business results. 

With rapid digitization across all industries and businesses, it’s more important than ever to stay ahead of the curve to keep a competitive advantage.   Whether it’s a business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-customer (B2C) experience, Marketing Automation increases operational efficiencies and the end result is an increased number of opportunities.  

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Leadous is a revenue performance agency focused on maximizing high growth and enterprise brands that invest in Adobe’s Journey Orchestration products, specifically Marketo Engage and Bizible, to drive predictive revenue. Leadous’ certified consultants support digital marketing transformation initiatives, giving Marketers the confidence to increase the capacity, efficiencies, and effectiveness of their marketing operations to drive measurable growth. The Marketing Automation Progression ModelTM is the foundation for how Leadous guides brands through their evolution based on the people, process, and technology it takes to be best in class. 8-year proud platinum Adobe partner.

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