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Highlights of the Marketo Winter Q1 ’18 Release


The Winter Q1 ’18 Release is now available for all Marketo users, and it feels like it’s Leadous’ birthday all over again!

The latest Marketo release features are hardworking, straight to the point enhancements that help marketers like you better reach your audience, with the experience your audience expects, and at the end of the day prove marketing’s impact on the business.

What marketer wouldn’t be happy with that in a marketing automation platform? Read on for more details!

Reach the right audiences

Marketo has a myriad of features built in to help you engage the right audience, so your marketing activities are never wasted on people who aren’t a good fit for your business. The Winter Release has a couple features that continue to build on these features:

  • New support for account hierarchies that help you expand your use of Marketo Account-Based Marketing.
  • New Google Customer Match and an enhanced LinkedIn Matched Audience API to help you reach your target audience across Google Search, YouTube, LinkedIn and Gmail.
  • New event and lead assignment notifications in the Marketo Salesforce CRM integration to help you keep sales informed and on top of their follow up strategy.

Engage customers with the experiences they want

Once you’re reaching the right audience, Marketo helps you engage them in a timely manner with experiences that make sense in the context of where they’re engaging with you. These Winter Release features help support those activities:

  • Updates to the deliver in recipients’ time zone feature so your contacts are always getting your emails when they’re most relevant.
  • Velocity scripts and segmentation-based dynamic content to help you better personalize your engagement emails.
  • Optimized ContentAI gives you suggestions on personalized content targeted to each contact so you can easily create more personalized, meaningful campaigns.

Prove Marketing’s Impact

While it’s great to impact the business and drive sales, we need to be able to prove that what we’re doing is working so we can keep doing it! A big part of the Marketo Winter Release is the new Marketo Performance Insights (MPI) dashboard showing which campaigns and channels are impacting revenue and engaging your contacts. The MPI dashboard :

  • Connects campaigns directly to pipeline revenue, so you can prove where and how much marketing is impacting the business.
  • Contains data from up to 24 months so you can analyze long term audience trends.
  • Shows the main sources and channels where you’re getting the most traction, so you can test the best channel mix for your audience.

Marketo Performance Insights

And that’s just a sampling of all the enhancements in this feature-packed release.

Interested in learning more about how you can take advantage of some of the latest Marketo features? Contact us, we’d be happy to help!