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Executive Circle: How Marketing Automation Changes the Growth Game

Growth and scalability. The two concepts go hand in hand for marketers looking to up their growth game, without the ability to invest increasing dollars and headcount to gain every percentage point of growth.

But how do you factor scalability into your marketing growth strategy?

That’s where many marketing teams turn to automation. Instead of working harder, with radically increased teams and budgets, work smarter with the team and tools you have using automation. 

Join our May 26th Executive Circle: How Marketing Automation Changes the Growth Game, to hear how Leadous, Dupont – Chemours, and Adobe are working smarter, not harder, to grow with automation. 

You’ll hear directly from the marketers making the growth calls, including Tracey Ellis, CEO at Leadous; Melissa Day, Global Digital Marketing Leader at Chemours; and Cyndie Chon, Director of Commercial Growth Sales at Adobe.

Walk away with best practices, and behind the scenes stories on how top marketers are executing more strategic, efficient marketing strategies, including the four key elements of a scalable marketing automation for growth strategy: people, process, technology and patience.

  • People – The right staff with the right mixture of competencies to support the technology and process.

  • Process – A clearly outlined process for the handoff between your MarTech stack systems and the different teams that support those systems.

  • Technology – The right technology to support your company’s ever-expanding needs.

  • Patience – The runway to properly measure, report on, and continually improve your marketing processes. 

Join this virtual event to learn more about the people, process, and the automation technology to level up your business’ growth.