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End to End Marketing Attribution with Bizible

Marketing attribution. It’s the holy grail for all marketing teams. 

How can we tell exactly where a deal came from, so that we can double down our investment and essentially rinse and repeat that success? 

It sounds easy. If a lead fills out a demo request form, we attribute success to the website. If they attend a webinar, success is attributed to the webinar. But what about when it gets more complicated than that? When your leads are receiving multiple emails from you, searching keywords, clicking ads, attending offline events. 

Or even more complicated attribution scenarios, when multiple leads from the same company are in your ABM nurture strategy, engaging with digital campaigns and offline events all in tandem. How do you untangle attribution there? How do you unravel what sequence of marketing tactics is working to influence your pipeline? 

At the risk of sounding like a broken record – it’s all about automation. 

Using an integrated marketing automation tech stack that allows your systems to talk to each other, record lead behavior, and make sure the right actions are tracked and associated to the right opportunity, at the right time, is a complex dance of automation made simpler if you have the right tools. 

One of our tools of choice for many of our Marketo Engage clients looking to gain visibility to the full funnel of marketing attribution is Bizible. 

Bizible leverages marketing automation, CRM and accessory application data to track journey engagement by channel using configured “touchpoints”. Using Bizible, you can tie core business objectives together at each phase of planning and execution, clearly reporting actionable insights every step of the way. 

From email opens, to webinar attendees, to website chatbots, Bizible enables you to enjoy more complete attribution for better decision-making, marketing ROI and business growth.

If you’re interested in integrating Bizible, and taking the guesswork out of what’s working and what’s not, send us a note!