Marketing Automation as a Service (MA-aaS) 

Marketing automation has changed the way marketers look at the world. Leadous has partnered with Adobe to bring best in class automation into the hands marketers for lead generation so that everyone can experience the value of automation.

This model works best for companies that see a vision for marketing automation but want to take a step by step approach to ensure they have all of the components in place to fully leverage marketing automation. This service gives organizations the ability to fill the gaps, test, refine and plan for an expanded use of marketing automation and its powerful features that drive digital demand generation – without having to administer the technology!

MA-aaS options are based on organizational and database size and are priced to provide the resources, time and investment necessary to drive results and prove ROI. The Marketing Automation as a Service offering is made up of three levels that map to a company’s size, goals and budget. Each level contains the keys to develop the marketing automation value story to gain buy in and prove value.

You’ve been leveraging Marketing Automation as a Service and are ready to take the leap to your own instance.  Get onboarded and implemented with Adobe Campaign or Marketo!


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Marketing Automation as a Service, Powered by Marketo

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