Sales Effectiveness

The dialogue you are having with sales probably goes a little something like this…

Marketing: Why didn’t you follow up on those leads we sent you?
Sales: Because they are horrible.
Marketing: Horrible? What does that mean?
Sales: Means sales won’t follow up because they aren’t worth their time.
Leadous: Never fear – we are here! (Ok well at least now we are here.)

This conversation between marketing and sales happens all the time. The bad news, the leads aren’t so great. The good news, they care because they are still talking to you. Now what are you going to do about it?

In this case, sales effectiveness is about what marketing can do to make sales more effective at finding, selling and closing more business. That means ensuring quality first, consistency second and volume third – but it also means taking responsibility and accountability for getting leads as far into the sales process as possible and seeking constructive feedback so you can meet sales expectations.

We’ll help you develop the baseline, the SLA, the improvement plan and the communication process to get sales what they expect and the feedback you need. We’ll help you optimize your Marketo platform to make sure you’re delivering a strong pipeline to your sales team.

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