Everyday marketers spend their time on leads, campaigns, design and copy, and rarely get the chance to lift their heads out of the tactical details to determine how their efforts are helping sales grow the pipeline and close business. By analyzing the revenue cycle marketing can understand the more detailed phases of the customer journey and leverage the information to make more effective plans to streamline efforts and help identify and close new business, as well as upsell to customers.

Just think, if you had the ability to see the journey of the customers that closed the fastest. You could repeat those journeys and accelerate your way to revenue – and you can. You can also analyze the most effective channels, that the most leads touch, and redistribute efforts to take advantage of those opportunities.

Revenue acceleration analysis includes:

  • Reviewing Company Goals
  • Baseline Metrics
  • Lead Scoring
  • Lead Lifecycle
  • Revenue Cycle and Attribution Models (if you use them)
  • … and more!

By tying the components of your revenue model together you can ensure leads are created, qualified, converted and closed won. Because who doesn’t want to win?

Direct your efforts and support revenue generation in the way that you were meant to.  Ensuring every dollar you spend, equates to multiple dollars of revenue.

Already know how to accelerate your time to revenue with marketing automation, then take the next step to execute against your analysis.  Let Leadous create the Campaign Strategy and Plan to get you there!


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