Marketing users are not supposed to be technical savvy IT experts and IT experts are not meant to be marketers.  For that reason, Leadous provides marketer driven implementation and onboarding services to accelerate set up and time to ROM.

Leadous, will provide an Implementation customized to your Adobe Campaign or Marketo Engage instance and perfectly aligned to your marketing and business objectives.  From foundational setup and configuration to hands-on training, our Adobe experts will guide you through the implementation process to completion to get you campaign deployment ready!  

Standard Implementations include a Leadous led and run process to complete set-up and configuration, template seeding, standard CRM integration and training.

Guided Implementations are a Leadous led, client run process that allows users with automation experience to choose four implementation components that are a fit for them.  Set-up and configuration is a must, then choose three additional components from the following: CRM Integration, Template Seeding, Training,  Data Clean Up, Performance Insights, Migration, Performance Insights, Sales Insight and ABM.  If you’ve got another request, just ask!

Custom Implementations are for the most complex set-ups that include things such as the migration of multiple instances, integrations in addition to CRM, conditional sync CRM integrations, partitions, more than 5 users, custom HTML and multiple add on features.

NEXT STEPS: Already up and running…use Leadous Campaign Mentor services to execute campaigns and accelerate your time to leads.


Getting Started with Marketo

Marketo Setup Checklist