NOVEMBER EDITION – Changes Impacting Your Marketo Instance & Marketing Automation Activities

There are some upcoming changes that will impact your Marketo instance and marketing automation activities in general in the coming months.  They include:

Updated Marketo UI

If you didn’t know already, Marketo is getting a facelift!  

What’s changing? 

  • More intuitive navigation header with easy access to different product areas & global search. 
  • Cleaner tree with a simplified icon set and advanced filtering options. 

With these updates, users can expect improved efficiency and simplified workflows as Marketo Engage continues to make enhancements to the platform.  The rollout of the new UI is phased so some users may already be using while others are not, unfortunately a schedule is not available at this time.

As additional information becomes available we will pass it along but in the meantime here are some additional resources:

Setting Up SSL for Your Landing Pages

Data security is becoming more important since online threats can result in lost revenue, data and trust. These issues have led Marketo to require secured domains for every instance in 2020. Marketo instances who have not enabled SSL will experience issues with image rendering and links. 

To see if SSL is enabled in your instance, go to the Admin section and navigate to the Landing Page section. Under Settings toward the bottom you should see ‘Use Secure Pages:Yes.’

If you have not enabled SSL for your instance our step-by-step guide outlines the steps you’ll need to take to ensure it is done properly.  

Mixed Content 

In conjunction with enabling SSL in your Marketo instance it’s important to note that Google has announced a plan to block mixed content in Chrome to protect users from insecure downloads.  

What does this mean?:

  • If a user is viewing a secure (HTTPS) page and any of the content or images are hosted on non-secure links (HTTP) the content will not display (i.e. a picture will display as a broken image.)
  • Downloads will face the same issue as images, the only difference being an error message will display instead of a broken image.

Marketo has already started finding solutions to this issue with updates to Munchkin tracking code and RTP.

Cookie Tracking

Changes to cookie tracking will impact the Original Search Phrase and Original Search Engine fields in Marketo, which are intended to populate if the first webpage visit comes from a search engine link click.  Search engines no longer pass this information due to security and privacy concerns but Marketo will hold on to those fields so previously acquired data can be retained.

If you have questions on these topics you can contact us .

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