Leading data integration and revenue operations automation provider, Vertify, has joined forces with Leadous, a globally renowned marketing automation consultancy, to drive innovation and deliver unparalleled insights for businesses in the digital marketing landscape. This strategic partnership aims to transform the way organizations leverage data to optimize their marketing strategies and maximize customer engagement, ultimately driving conversions, revenue, and growth.

The collaboration between Vertify and Leadous will provide a comprehensive solution that combines data integration, analytics, and marketing automation expertise. By integrating Vertify’s powerful data management capabilities with Leadous’ proven marketing automation strategies, businesses will gain a holistic view of their marketing performance and achieve unprecedented levels of efficiency and effectiveness.

“Offering our customers a full services experience to support their Marketing Automation initiatives has been a focus of Leadous since we opened our doors more than 9 years ago.” shared Jennifer Biegel, VP of Partner Strategy at Leadous. “As technology has evolved, so has the need for a comprehensive data strategy, and Vertify brings it all together. Leveraging insights in this way provides clients with next level marketing.”

Through this partnership, Vertify and Leadous aim to solve one of the most common challenges faced by marketing teams today–harnessing the potential of data to fuel marketing initiatives. By consolidating data from various sources, including CRM systems, marketing automation platforms, e-commerce systems, and other marketing channels businesses can break down data silos and gain a unified understanding of their customer’s journey.

“The part of the partnership I’m most excited about will be our ability to enable organizations to leverage advanced analytics and reporting tools to extract meaningful insights from their data.” says Wayne Lopez, Chief Product Officer at Vertify. “This will empower marketing teams to optimize their campaigns and deliver real time customer engagement through personalized journeys resonating with their target audiences.”

With the combined strengths of Vertify and Leadous, businesses can expect a seamless integration of marketing technology and data intelligence. The partnership will not only enhance efficiency but also foster innovation, enabling organizations to adapt to changing market dynamics and stay ahead of their competition.

Leadous is a world class consultancy that leverages marketing automation to deliver exceptional experiences for the journey makers and the journey takers. The journey between “Hello Prospect” to “Welcome Valued Client” can be difficult to navigate. From concept to conversion, Leadous utilizes technology, methodology, and certified marketing automation experts to deliver consulting services that increase demand, drive conversion, and deliver pipeline growth making the journey a well-traveled one. Our near-decade-long world-class partnerships with Adobe, Hubspot, Oracle, and Salesforce give us the capabilities to serve hundreds of clients, across industries, to obtain measurable value from their investments in customer journey solutions.
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Vertify is a data integration and automation solution that connects all your soloed platforms so everyone can access good data. It’s a savings center designed to maximize ROI and minimize waste. When you invest in solutions like Marketo, NetSuite, Dynamics, HubSpot, Salesforce, Zendesk, and Snowflake, you need to get the most out of those class-leading solutions. Vertify is built to help you get the most out of your investment. See how it works today by scheduling a demo with our team, and get ready to build a better revenue ecosystem.

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