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Leadous Met With Top Brands At The Adobe Summit

APRIL 11, 2019 | MINNEAPOLIS: Leadous, a services partner of Adobe and Marketo, an Adobe company, sponsored the Adobe Summit that took place March 26th-28th in Vegas. The team was excited to showcase its partnership with Marketo and bolster relations with Adobe – and their customers, while enhancing digital marketers knowledge of the Marketo platform.

Key  Summit Take-Aways

B2E is where it’s at…B2B & B2C are gone, but not forgotten.  

Steven Lucas, Senior VP of digital experience at Adobe expanded on the concept of B2E (Business-to-Everyone) and it was a powerful message.

Develop your inner CLO (Chief Listening Officer).

We all have a job to do and it can sometimes distract us from some very important information…like what our customers REALLY need. It’s crucial to always have our ears and eyes open to purposefully listen.

Personalization is the ultimate digital experience.  

We have always talked about how it’s about the customer, but now we have the right tools and much more knowledge to truly personalize each experience.  You can easily build automated marketing campaigns across all channels, tracking the full customer journey and utilizing Marketo’s innovative AI solution to create a personalized experience.

With Adobe’s acquisition of Marketo, the Summit was bigger than ever. It allowed more people, representing a variety of industries and expertise, to explore a suite of products to better serve their digital experiences. With over 300 sessions, labs and keynote presentations attendees were able to customize their schedule and stay on top of industry trends.

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, automation tools are allowing better connectivity between clients and customers. Here are some of the top trends:

  • Experiential Marketing and Personalization
  • Advancing B2B Communication
  • Experience-Driven Commerce
  • Adoption of Artificial Intelligence

The Adobe Summit provided an opportunity for Leadous and other industry experts to connect and collaborate on these emerging trends. Leadous’ team of Marketo Certified Experts had the opportunity to enhance their skills and maximize customer connections. This valuable environment allowed Leadous team members, and hundreds of other attendees, to deepen their knowledge to deliver next level results.


ABOUT LEADOUS: Leadous provides a refreshing perspective on driving quality leads by optimizing the use of the Marketo platform.  Leadous helps its clients accelerate the introduction of integrated campaign management and lead generation initiatives that drive qualified leads to sales.  Leadous works with companies that are looking to improve their marketing outcomes by adopting and leveraging Marketo, those that have established marketing initiatives but no marketing automation platform, and those that have Marketo and are looking to further leverage it.

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