Salt Lake City | UT, SEPTEMBER 29th, 2023: Salt Lake City Bees, the esteemed professional baseball team in the heart of Utah, has proudly announced its partnership with Leadous, a leading marketing automation agency, in collaboration with Adobe. This strategic alliance marks a significant step forward for the Salt Lake Bees organization in enhancing their marketing automation efforts and engaging with their loyal fanbase in a more personalized and dynamic manner.

With a shared commitment to innovation and excellence, Salt Lake Bees and Leadous are poised to redefine the way the team connects with fans and drives engagement both on and off the field. Leveraging Adobe’s cutting-edge marketing automation solutions, Leadous will work closely with the Bees to design and implement a comprehensive marketing strategy tailored to the unique needs of the organization.

“We are thrilled to partner with Leadous and Adobe as we embark on this exciting journey to elevate our marketing automation initiatives,” said Brady Brown, spokesperson for Salt Lake Bees. “In an era where fan engagement is paramount, we are confident that this partnership will enable us to create more meaningful interactions with our supporters, deliver relevant content, and enhance the overall fan experience.”

Leadous, known for its expertise in marketing automation and its strong track record of helping organizations optimize their digital marketing efforts, is eager to contribute to the success of Salt Lake Bees. The agency’s team of experienced professionals will collaborate closely with the Bees to implement Adobe’s marketing automation tools, enabling the organization to streamline its marketing processes, segment audiences effectively, and deliver targeted messaging.

“We are honored to be selected as the marketing automation partner for Salt Lake City Bees, a beloved institution in Utah,” said Jawaan Holmes, Head of Sales at Leadous. “By harnessing the power of Adobe’s marketing automation solutions, we are confident that we can assist the Bees in achieving their marketing goals and strengthening their relationship with their passionate fanbase.”

This partnership comes at a pivotal moment for the Salt Lake Bees, as they continue to invest in strategies that enhance their brand presence, drive ticket sales, and deepen fan engagement. With Leadous and Adobe by their side, the Bees are poised for a successful and fan-focused future.

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About Leadous: Leadous is a world class consultancy that leverages marketing automation to deliver exceptional experiences for the journey makers and the journey takers. The journey between “Hello Prospect” to “Welcome Valued Client” can be difficult to navigate. From concept to conversion, Leadous utilizes technology, methodology, and certified marketing automation experts to deliver consulting services that increase demand, drive conversion, and deliver pipeline growth making the journey a well-traveled one. Our near-decade-long world-class partnerships with Adobe, Hubspot, Oracle, and Salesforce give us the capabilities to serve hundreds of clients, across industries, to obtain measurable value from their investments in customer journey solutions. www.leadous.com


About Salt Lake Bees: The Salt Lake Bees are a professional baseball team based in Salt Lake City, Utah. As a member of the Pacific Coast League, the Bees have a rich history and a loyal fanbase. They are also the Triple-A Affiliate for the Los Angeles Angels. The team is committed to providing exciting baseball action and creating memorable experiences for fans of all ages. www.saltlakebees.com

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