Leadous Officially Joins Marketo Partner Ranks


The Sole Marketo-Only Services Provider in the Twin Cities


THURSDAY, APRIL 22nd, 2015, TWIN CITIES, MN:  Leadous, the Twin Cities’ premiere marketing automation services company announced a partnership with Marketo in support of its Twin Cities based deployments. This partnership symbolizes Leadous’ dedication to bring expertise and experience to the local Marketo install base, helping customers build successful marketing automation programs.


By joining the Marketo Services Partner Program, Leadous is able to leverage the knowledge base and stay current on product developments while supporting the specific needs of its customers.  Leadous plans to expand their services team by continuing hiring and certifying Marketo consultants to take on the overwhelmingly increased needs of the marketplace.


“Leadous is putting its flag in the ground in the Twin Cities as the premier Marketo services firm,” stated Tracey Ellis, Founder and President of Leadous.  “The investment we have made in this partnership shows our continued dedication to bringing marketing technology to the forefront for Minnesota marketers.”


There are huge shifts happening in the marketing sector  that demand strong marketing automation tools to help companies stay competitive. With the introduction of new channels and features, such as mobile-friendly search engines, marketing automation is vital for the future of cross-channel marketing.  Because these features are game changing, every company, large and small are looking to join the movement.  Leadous recently attended the Marketing Nation Summit in San Francisco and has committed to supporting the efforts of the Marketo team as they look to acquire more customers in the area.


To learn more about Leadous click here or call 844-LEADOUS.


About LEADOUS LLC: Firm provides a refreshing perspective on driving quality leads by optimizing the value of marketing automation platforms (MAP).  Marketing performance is accelerated by the introduction of integrated digital campaign management and lead generation initiatives that drive qualified leads to sales.  We work with those that are looking to improve their marketing outcomes by adopting and leveraging a MAP, those that have established marketing initiatives but no MAP and those that have a MAP solution and are looking to further leverage it.  Everyone is ready for us to lead them.

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