Leadous Named Official Salesforce.com Partner


Data Quality Is A Challenge for Marketers Using a MAP


Thursday, May 14th 2015, TWIN CITIES, MN:  Leadous, the Twin Cities’ premiere marketing automation services company, today announces a partnership with Salesforce.com, a move that shows Leadous’ continued dedication to supporting marketing success in the MAP marketplace. This partnership takes Leadous’ consulting offerings to the next level helping Twin Cities companies optimize every aspect of their marketing automation programs by leveraging crucial CRM data.


As a Salesforce.com Registered Partner, Leadous has access to unparalleled expertise and support for its marketing customers. Leadous is also growing its team of consultants with Salesforce.com knowledge, ensuring every Leadous customer receives top notch, focused, efficient service and solutions every time.


“We’re excited to partner with Salesforce.com to expand the range of MAP services we provide to Minnesota marketers,” said Tracey Ellis, Founder and President of Leadous.  “Our dedication to work only with the best marketing technology companies is one of the top reasons why our customers trust us to optimize their marketing automation approaches.”


Today’s marketers need the right mix of digital marketing experience  and software expertise to adapt to the needs of their changing customer base. As a marketing automation services company that holds partnerships with Marketo and Salesforce.com, Leadous has the game changing combination of technological proficiency and strategic services to help Twin Cities companies take their marketing to the next level.


To learn more about Leadous click here or call 844-LEADOUS.


About LEADOUS LLC: Firm provides a refreshing perspective on driving quality leads by optimizing the value of marketing automation platforms (MAP).  Marketing performance is accelerated by the introduction of integrated digital campaign management and lead generation initiatives that drive qualified leads to sales.  We work with those that are looking to improve their marketing outcomes by adopting and leveraging a MAP, those that have established marketing initiatives but no MAP and those that have a MAP solution and are looking to further leverage it.  Everyone is ready for us to lead them.

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