Complimentary Training, Exclusive Benefits, and Early Access Aim to Maximize Marketing Automation Investments

MINNEAPOLIS | MN, OCTOBER 9th, 2023: Leadous, a leading marketing automation agency, has unveiled its innovative Partner of Record Program, designed to enhance the return on investment (ROI) for its clients using Adobe, HubSpot, Oracle, and Salesforce marketing automation platforms. The program introduces an array of exclusive benefits, including complimentary training, instance reviews, early access to event registrations, private centers of excellence, partner-leveraged technical support, and early feature access.

The Partner of Record Program has been designed to empower clients with tools and resources that unlock the full potential of their marketing automation investments. By offering these comprehensive benefits, Leadous is committed to helping marketers achieve exceptional outcomes in their marketing campaigns.

Tracey Ellis, CEO of Leadous, spoke enthusiastically about the program’s launch, stating, “We’re thrilled to introduce the Partner of Record Program, which reflects our dedication to supporting the journey makers in realizing the maximum value from their marketing automation platforms. With the complimentary offers of this program, we aim to equip our partners’ customers with the knowledge, resources, and exclusive privileges needed to succeed in their marketing automation endeavors.”

Key benefits of the Partner of Record Program include:
-Complimentary Training: Clients gain access to training sessions and resources that ensure their teams are well-versed in utilizing their marketing automation platform to its fullest potential.
-Instance Reviews: Leadous experts conduct in-depth instance reviews to optimize platform configurations, ensuring clients have a setup that aligns with their unique requirements.
-Early Access to Event Registrations: Clients can take advantage of early access to event registrations, guaranteeing a front-row seat at key industry events and webinars.
-Private Centers of Excellence: Access to dedicated centers of excellence where clients can explore best practices and insights, allowing them to sharpen their marketing automation strategies.
-Partner-Leveraged Technical Support: Enhanced technical support leveraged through Leadous’ partnerships with platform providers, ensuring clients have efficient solutions to technical challenges.
-Early Feature Access: Clients get an exclusive first look at new features and enhancements, enabling them to stay ahead of the curve in their marketing automation efforts.

Tracey Ellis further emphasized the advantages of the program, saying, “We understand that significant investments have been made in marketing automation platforms, and we are committed to helping our partners’ customers maximize the value of those investments whether they directly purchase services from us or not. With the Partner of Record Program, we stand by our mission from the beginning which is to share our passion for marketing automation to make every user an unwavering advocate .”

The Partner of Record Program, with its compelling array of benefits, exemplifies Leadous’ commitment to fostering the success of not only its clients, but the entire marketing automation community. It reinforces the agency’s position as a trusted partner for marketing automation excellence and marks a significant step forward in its mission to elevate the ROI of marketing automation investments.

For more information about Leadous and the Partner of Record Program, please contact us today.

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