Supercharge Oracle Eloqua Initiatives with Leadous Services

Minneapolis, MN | May 5th, 2023: Leadous, a prominent player in the marketing automation services industry, is proud to announce its strategic partnership with Oracle, a global leader in cloud-based applications and services. This collaboration marks a significant milestone as Leadous expands its’ marketing automation services, now providing unparalleled support to Oracle’s clients using Eloqua.

“We are thrilled to partner with Oracle to provide cutting-edge marketing automation services for Eloqua clients,” said Jennifer Biegel, VP of Partner Enablement at Leadous. “Our combined expertise in marketing automation and Oracle’s leadership in cloud-based solutions make this a powerful collaboration. We are committed to helping Oracle clients leverage Eloqua to its fullest extent, ultimately driving their marketing success.”

Leadous is quickly making moves to accelerate to the next level as the company continues to deliver on its commitment to customer obsession. Working with an Oracle Partner, clients have access to additional resources, programs, and support to help drive their marketing initiatives forward in an accelerated fashion, leveraging Eloqua as their marketing automation platform and quickly realizing time to value. To achieve status, partners must complete notable requirements as listed in the partner details.

Leadous specializes in helping businesses optimize their marketing automation strategies. From lead generation to customer engagement, this collaboration with Oracle will enable them to offer a broader range of services to include Eloqua. This partnership leverages the combined expertise of both organizations, promising seamless integrations, customization, and support, ultimately helping businesses drive revenue, improve customer engagement, and maximize their ROI.

Key benefits of this partnership include:
Enhanced Marketing Automation Services Oracle clients can now access a wide range of services designed to maximize the capabilities of Eloqua. Leadous will provide expert guidance and support in implementing, optimizing, and maintaining Eloqua solutions.
Customized Solutions Leadous specializes in tailoring marketing automation strategies to the unique needs of each client. Their expertise will help Oracle clients create personalized customer journeys, improve lead generation, and enhance customer engagement.
Technical Expertise The partnership will ensure Eloqua clients have access to the technical know-how required to overcome any challenges, implement advanced features, and ensure their systems are operating at peak performance.
Training and Education Leadous will offer training and educational resources to Oracle clients, helping them develop the skills and knowledge needed to harness the full potential of Eloqua.
Integration Services Leadous will assist Oracle clients in integrating Eloqua with other key business systems, such as CRM platforms, to streamline data management and enhance overall marketing efficiency.

Oracle Eloqua clients can now access these enhanced services through Leadous to elevate their marketing campaigns and increase their ROI significantly.

The partnership between Leadous and Oracle comes at a time when businesses are increasingly relying on marketing automation to stay competitive in their respective industries. This collaboration promises to empower Oracle Eloqua clients to elevate their marketing campaigns, streamline their operations, and achieve a greater return on their marketing investments.

For more information about this partnership or to inquire about the services offered, please visit.

About Leadous, Inc. Leadous is a world-class consultancy that leverages marketing automation to deliver exceptional experiences for the journey makers and the journey takers. The journey between “Hello Prospect” to “Welcome Valued Client” can be difficult to navigate. From concept to conversion, Leadous utilizes technology, methodology, and certified marketing automation experts to deliver consulting services that increase demand, drive conversion, and deliver pipeline growth making the journey a well-traveled one. Our near-decade-long world-class partnerships with Adobe, Hubspot, Salesforce, and Oracle give us the capabilities to serve hundreds of clients, across industries, to obtain measurable value from their investments in customer journey solutions. Let us lead you. | www.leadous.com | 844-LEADOUS

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