Los Angeles | CA, JULY 10TH, 2023: Leadous announces Client partnership with AEG. Two of Los Angeles’ most beloved and iconic sports franchises, the Los Angeles Kings and the LA Galaxy, proudly operating under the esteemed Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG) umbrella, have embarked on an exciting journey to elevate their fan engagement strategies. In a landmark move, they have chosen to partner with Leadous, a premier marketing automation agency, to strengthen their Adobe Marketo Engage initiative.

“Leadous is thrilled to work alongside the LA Kings and LA Galaxy on this transformative journey,” shared Tracey Ellis, Leadous CEO. “Our mission is to assist these remarkable teams in harnessing the full potential of Adobe Marketo Engage to create truly personalized data-driven fan experiences.”

This strategic collaboration between the LA Kings, LA Galaxy, and Leadous marks a significant leap forward in the pursuit of enhancing fan experiences. The goal is clear: to leverage the potent capabilities of Adobe Marketo Engage and tailor marketing strategies to engage fans on a deeper, more personalized level.

Adobe Marketo Engage: The Catalyst for Enhanced Fan Engagement
Adobe Marketo Engage is a robust marketing automation platform that empowers organizations to deliver tailored, data-driven experiences to their audience. Recognizing the transformative potential of this platform, the LA Kings and LA Galaxy have partnered with Leadous, renowned for their expertise in Adobe Marketo Engage, to embark on a journey of innovation and fan engagement.
Empowering Success through Technical Consulting and Training
Leadous will provide a comprehensive suite of services to both sports franchises, encompassing technical consulting, system setup, architectural design, and advanced customization of the Adobe Marketo Engage platform. The partnership’s primary objective is to ensure that the marketing automation solution is precisely aligned with the unique needs and goals of the LA Kings and LA Galaxy.

In addition, Leadous will lead the charge in knowledge transfer, equipping the teams with the skills and insights they need to independently manage their marketing automation efforts. This training will enable the LA Kings and LA Galaxy to operate with greater agility, delivering fan engagement initiatives that are both dynamic and data-driven.

Customized Fan Engagement Solutions
One of the cornerstones of this partnership is the development of customized solutions tailored to each team’s specific requirements. Leadous will work closely with the LA Kings and LA Galaxy to craft approaches that maximize fan engagement and offer immersive, personalized experiences. This marks a commitment to shifting from conventional, one-size-fits-all marketing to a highly personalized, data-driven fan engagement strategy.

The LA Kings and LA Galaxy aim to deploy Adobe Marketo Engage’s powerful capabilities to deliver content that resonates deeply with their fan base. With this approach, they aspire to strengthen fan loyalty and enhance the overall experience for their supporters, creating memorable moments that extend beyond the boundaries of traditional sports marketing.

This partnership signifies a commitment to staying on the cutting edge of technology,providing fans with extraordinary experiences. To learn more about Leadous’ marketing automation services for sports marketing connect with an expert today.

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The Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG), also known as AEG Worldwide, is an American global sporting and music entertainment presenter and a subsidiary of The Anschutz Corporation. It is the world’s largest owner of sports teams and sports events.

The Los Angeles Kings, established in 1967, are one of the National Hockey League’s (NHL) most storied and iconic franchises. Based in Los Angeles, California, the team is renowned for its rich history, passionate fan base, and a commitment to excellence on and off the ice. Over the years, the LA Kings have become synonymous with success, with multiple Pacific Division titles and two Stanley Cup championships to their name. Their dedication to the sport of hockey and the community they call home is unwavering, and it’s this dedication that has solidified their status as a prominent figure in professional sports.

The LA Galaxy, founded in 1996, are a prominent force in Major League Soccer (MLS) and a dominant figure in the landscape of American soccer. Based in Los Angeles, California, the team has consistently showcased exceptional talent and a commitment to excellence on the field, earning them a dedicated and passionate fan base. The LA Galaxy’s storied history includes a remarkable collection of MLS Cup championships, Supporters’ Shields, and Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup titles. Their drive for success and their pursuit of excellence have made them a marquee franchise in the world of professional soccer. For more information and the latest updates on the LA Galaxy, please visit

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