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MINNEAPOLIS | MN, March 25th, 2022: Leadous, an eight year platinum Adobe partner is proud to continue to grow the Marketo Nation and enable companies to accelerate growth via services that educate marketers on the power of Marketing Automation  as they sign on for their 9th year as an Adobe platinum.   Adobe has taken many positive steps to support their Partners to reach new growth goals and 2022 is showing to be a breakout year for Leadous, as the business is solely built on the Adobe portfolio.

“We couldn’t be more pleased to be an exclusive Adobe partner, giving our sole commitment to the Marketo Nation. With the most talented Marketo Engage team globally, we are able to provide our customers with an undeniable competitive advantage,”   shared Jennifer (Sherry) Biegel, VP of Partner Strategy at Leadous.

Leadous’ thought leadership expands past their services into training and educational opportunities sponsored by Adobe, and hosted with other ecosystem partners, to help marketers create a vision for what is next:

Executive Circle Series

Marketo Engage Training Platform

New Strategic Offerings

Deep Dish Events

Blogs and Resources

As Adobe continues to lead in the industry, Leadous will support and expand capabilities to deliver the best customer experience.  Leadous is committed to creating high-value experiences to drive results for their customers, partners and community members.  Leadous is committed to creating high-value experiences to drive results for their customers, partners and community members.

As we move further into 2022 and our eye is on 2023, Leadous continues to align even closer with Adobe.  Dedicated team members continue to focus on empowering all roles that touch the customer experience and accelerating the enablement of top technologies, including Bizible. Adobe is disciplined and committed to their role in assisting individuals and organizations to reach beyond where they thought technology could take them.

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Leadous is a revenue performance agency focused on maximizing high growth and enterprise brands that invest in Adobe’s Journey Orchestration products, specifically Marketo Engage and Bizible, to drive predictive revenue. Leadous’ certified consultants support digital marketing transformation initiatives, giving Marketers the confidence to increase the capacity, efficiencies, and effectiveness of their marketing operations to drive measurable growth. The Marketing Automation Progression ModelTM is the foundation for how Leadous guides brands through their evolution based on the people, process, and technology it takes to be best in class. 8-year proud platinum Adobe partner.

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