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Minneapolis | MN, June 8th,  2022 — Global marketing automation agency and 8+year Adobe platinum partner Leadous, Inc. announced the general release of Certous, a Marketo Engage training platform.  Certous has been in Beta since February of this year, and after positive customer feedback is being made for general release, today June 1st, 2022. Users choose their own learning path, and have access to a Marketo MCSA Certified master administrator to assist their learning, making knowledge transfer, and user adoption.

“On demand learning is the way of the world, giving people access to resources and materials when and how they want it,” explained Aimee LaBree Hohn, VP of Training and Development at Leadous. “We have spent the past five years refining our training approach so every user has a customized curriculum based on how they will use Marketo.”

Leadous has been an Adobe authorized training partner for the past five years, working with over 200 clients to deliver custom training solutions to ensure their adoption of Marketo. Certous is managed by a Master Marketo Administrator;  ensuring access, content, conversations, and momentum for every marketer’s journey are attainable. Certous courses include:

  • Foundations – Available
  • Marketo Certified Expert Exam Prep Course – Available
  • Custom Sessions – Available
  • Advanced Feature Training – Releases in Fall 2022
  • Bizible – Releases in Winter 2022

“As a  five year Marketo user I was confident in my knowledge base and became interested in MCE certification two years ago but couldn’t find a path to get there,” shared Edward Santelices, Leadous MCE Consultant.  “Certous gave me a customized curriculum to round out my skill set and prepared me for the MCE with 100% confidence.”

Every Marketing Nation member deserves a robust platform to continually grow and evolve their Marketo Engage skill set. Certous provides the combination of information, training, and certification opportunities with personalized curriculums for the unique needs of every user. Visit Certous to  register today.


Leadous is a revenue performance agency focused on maximizing high growth and enterprise brands that invest in Adobe’s Journey Orchestration products, specifically Marketo Engage and Bizible, to drive predictive revenue. Leadous’ certified consultants support digital marketing transformation initiatives, giving Marketers the confidence to increase the capacity, efficiencies, and effectiveness of their marketing operations to drive measurable growth. The Marketing Automation Progression ModelTM is the foundation for how Leadous guides brands through their evolution based on the people, process, and technology it takes to be best in class.

8-year proud platinum Adobe partner.

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