MINNEAPOLIS | MN, JANUARY 5th, 2023: Leadous, a nine-year gold Adobe partner focused exclusively on Marketo Engage, has announced year-end results of thirty percent growth in 2022. An exclusive focus on Marketo Engage has enabled an impactful plan targeted at Adobe’s Marketo Engage sales and customer teams resulting in Leadous’ third year of unprecedented growth.

“We are so lucky to have a team of amazing people that back Leadous’ mission to become the biggest baddest Marketo partner there ever was,” shared Tracey Ellis, Leadous CEO. “After COVID, we spent the second half of 2021 ramping up our resources, and 2022 took off as planned. We ended the year with more certified employees, happy clients, and revenue than any previous year.”

Ellis mentioned, “2022 was planned, and as such, there were critical chronological accomplishments that ensured the successes that made 2022 what it was. Those would only have happened with investment in the people and processes that would help sustain the company’s growth.

Key 2022 Investments:

1. New roles were created, including Vice President of Client Services, Director of Marketing Consulting, Client Success Manager, and Leads, giving way to promotions for internal staff and opportunities to expand the team with new hires.
2.Monthly skill rubric development reviews of each consultant to advance their knowledge of more complex Marketo Engage feature use and scenario experience to support clients’ ongoing use of Marketo.

1. Implementing the Accelo project management system, an upgraded technology, for more advanced reporting and detailed project analysis at the task level.
2. Developed a direct link for Adobe client support program for Clients with specific needs outside the scope of Adobe’s Marketo Engage services team.

“We stand hard and firm in our decision to be an exclusive Adobe Marketo Engage partner,” exclaimed Jennifer (Sherry) Biegel, Vice President of Partner Strategy. “We have become the gold standard for all things Marketo Engage, whether it be assisting our partner, their ecosystem, or our clients; our reputation precedes itself, and so does our growth.”

Leadous plans on another 30% year of growth and knows that sustaining such a level will be challenging given the trends in the technology space, but that hasn’t swayed the focus or concentration to make it happen again.

On the horizon in 2023:

1. Leadous launched a 401K plan to provide more competitive benefits to employees and invest in their careers and futures.
2. Q1 hiring plan that supports direct outbound sales and Bizible.

1. Adobe training Programs for requirements outside of standard Marketo Engage end-user training.
2. The client process is expanded to focus on the holistic journey from ‘Engagement to Client for Life,’ ensuring a longer-term approach to the needs of Marketo Engage users.

To learn more about Leadous’ services, click https://leadous.com/services/ or contact the team at 844-LEADOUS.


The journey between “Hello Prospect” to “Welcome Valued Client” can be difficult to navigate. From concept to conversion, we utilize technology, methodology, and certified Marketo Engage and Bizible resources to deliver consulting services that increase demand, lead conversion, and deliver pipeline growth. Our near-decade-long world-class partnership with Adobe has serviced hundreds of clients across industries to obtain measurable value from their investments in customer journey solutions. Let us Lead you. www.leadous.com

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