Every day companies are sold on the powerful, feature-rich automation platforms that are built to change the way marketers help their companies grow.  But what happens when you outgrow your platform? It happens more often than you think. Companies fully implement a platform and can quickly become limited by the features that they need to continue to evolve their digital prowess.

We do it all the time, so let us take the worry out of migrating and put the power of Adobe in your hands. Our team of experts define and set the migration plan, carefully assessing the nuances of your existing instance.  We replicate, integrate, test and then train your team to become self sufficient on the Adobe Campaign and Marketo Engage platforms to ensure a smooth transition.

The objectives of a migration is to technically set up your new instance and to make sure that existing campaigns can run immediately so you don’t have any down time.  When migrating, it is important to lay an overall plan and follow steps to ensure you are up and running quickly.  Ask yourself the following questions:

What do I have that is active in my instance (assets, campaigns, syncs, etc.)?
How large is my database and does all of the data need to be migrated?

Leadous will support the migration to ensure optimization for initial campaigns, continuing execution and management.

The most common migrations are Hubspot, Pardot, ActOn, MailChimp and Sharpspring.

Already migrated…use Leadous Campaign Mentor services to execute campaigns and accelerate your time to leads.


6 Steps For A Painless Migration To Marketo

For more information on Migrations contact us at info@leadous.com.