Marketo Engage: Everything Changing in the Next Generation of the User Interface

If you’re an avid Marketo Engage fan (which we all are here at Leadous of course) you may have heard or even seen that Marketo Engage is getting an updated look and feel in 2020. 

Here’s everything you need to know about the next generation Marketo Engage experience, and how it will help your marketing team work faster and smarter. 

What’s changing in the Marketo Engage User Interface (UI)? 

The new Marketo Engage experience brings together the look and feel of Adobe Experience Cloud. You’ll be able to seamlessly toggle back and forth between the current and new UI on every screen for easy adoption. 

The flagship change includes a more intuitive navigation header with easy access to different product areas and global search. There’s also a cleaner menu tree with a simplified icon set and advanced filtering options. 

Benefits and Features of the New UI

Marketo designed these changes with your efficiency and workflows in mind. Here are some of the benefits Marketo has listed from the updated experience:

  • Streamlined program and asset creation with the ability to create a local asset within a folder
  • Consistent design for easier navigation across Adobe Experience Cloud applications
  • Updated and sleek iconography
  • A faster, more performant tree
  • Ability to easily collapse all folders in the left-side tree menu
  • Ability to apply multiple filters at once to narrow down your search
  • Find any campaign, asset, etc. across Marketo Engage with Global Search
  • More intuitive global navigation to move around Marketo Engage quickly
  • And of course, there will be no changes to your ability to build programs or access to the application!

When can you use the updated UI? 

Marketo is updating customers’ experiences via a phased rollout extending through the rest of 2020. If you’re interested in getting access to the new UI right away, contact your Leadous representative!

For more information on everything included in the new Marketo Engage experience watch this On-Demand Webinar from Marketo or contact your Leadous representative to learn more.

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