Making the Best First Impression with HR Automation

HR teams are routinely challenged to find the best candidates and top talent that elevate your enterprise BUT successful HR teams excel by personally connecting with the most qualified candidates while automating tedious, time-consuming tasks. Leveraging your Marketing Automation platform in the recruiting process also ensures every candidate and employee has an equally amazing but decidedly unique hiring and onboarding experience.  Let’s take a look: 

Qualifying and Hiring

  • Attract Provide impeccably branded and streamlined communication to introduce your brand to the best candidates
  • Qualify Candidates – Score candidates’ behaviors and easily report on how top candidates interact with your company
  • Engage & Personalize – Marketing Automation’s strength is in personalizing the journey for candidates  
  • Hire – Layout an email stream that aligns with each candidate’s path through the interview process and into onboarding

Onboarding and Beyond

  • Onboarding – Ensure engagement through the entire hiring process with a straightforward and well-planned automated onboarding process  
  • Facilitate – Standardize government and company hiring processes so when certification requirements and policies change it is easy to seamlessly adjust
  • Measure – Set up reporting and measurement mechanisms to track, develop and continue to improve results

Have questions about how to leverage Marketing Automation in Human Resources and take your success to the next level? Contact us.

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