Leads enter the funnel at different times based on what outbound and inbound marketing tactics are being used. Historically, those leads are then assigned to sales for follow up, which is about as effective as using the yellow pages to prospect. Making sales’ confidence in marketing’s ability to deliver qualified leads low.

A scoring program allows leads to be prioritized based on key firmographic and behavioral data points. By scoring leads on firmographic detail, leads are prioritized based on their location, title, and other available data points. Behavior data provides insights into the leads activity. Sales teams then gain better knowledge on what a lead is interested in, and who is coming in hot through the pipeline. Making conversations warm and detailed, based on interest.

Determining effective scoring is important to any marketing team. Leadous can guide you through scoring program frameworks and provide best practice expertise on how to score your company’s assets and lead activity; scoring the type of engagement whether it is downloading specific content or visiting a minimum number of web pages. It’s important to know what details and types of engagement are most meaningful to your company to determine how qualified a lead is. Not all actions a lead takes are equal.

By creating a scoring program your leads can be stack ranked, giving sales a priority order of the hottest leads. Making it easier for sales representatives to know who to reach out to based on a combination of the lead itself and their interaction determining where to spend their time. This then gives them a hand at being more effective in their outreach and generating pipeline.

Leadous can help you determine what is necessary for your company to score leads, ensuring a higher ROM for your company. Our team will leave you with best practices and a plan for updating your scoring model as your company grows.

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