Creating a lead is just the initial step of the process, keeping a lead engaged and moving them through a lead lifecycle is what turns them into revenue. Whether it’s a new lead or an existing one, it’s important to know where they are at in the lead lifecycle. Identifying the marketing and sales lifecycle stages and building a model to track and measure the movement of a lead through those stages is key to how best in class marketers get results. Connecting marketing efforts to sales in this way gives visibility to the entire customer journey. Making sure leads are converted and MQLs turn into Closed-Won deals.

With a lead lifecycle in place, marketing campaigns turn into MQL creation. Making sure all leads are communicated with the right information at the right part of their journey and keeping them moving forward.

The next stage is Revenue Cycle Modeling (RCM), which ties in revenue at each stage of the lifecycle. Using RCM Leadous can help you and your marketing team create a lifecycle for every lead, their status and their revenue contribution. RCM helps lay out the whole lifecycle of a lead from when they are first created to when they become a closed-won deal. This funnel visibility shows the revenue at each stage and where the leads are located on their lifecycle journey.

A third stage that helps drive forth a lead lifecycle model is Attribution. Creating an attribution model will help tie engagement to costs throughout the lifecycle stages. To learn more about Attribution with Bizible click here.

Leadous can help determine the stages for your company’s lead lifecycle and leverage your CRM data to get an accurate picture of the stages your leads are at, identify any ‘clogs, measure the revenue’ and strategize on how to accelerate the progression of leads through the journey.

Already have a best practice lead lifecycle model… Leadous Managed Services get you the expertise to execute campaigns quickly to move leads through the lifecycle and drive results.

Get leads. Grow your pipeline. Be amazing.


Creating and Using a Lead Lifecycle

Revenue Cycle Models: What is RCM?

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