A person connects at least seven times with a new product or offering before making a buying decision. The customer journey is significantly lengthened as the cost and complexity of the solution increase and additional contacts are added to the evaluation process. That’s why communicating your company’s message through every stage of your customer’s journey is so vital. But keeping up with the demands of the digital landscape can be a bit overwhelming.

The Leadous content marketing audit and management strategy will help identify the core elements your company needs to prioritize what content you create, where to repurpose, and ultimately attract, engage, convert and keep customers. Plus you’ll have an easy win ensuring internal audiences can articulate the value add of your business offerings.

The Leadous team then leverages your custom content plan to architect and optimize complex Marketo engagement streams so you can effectively communicate the right message at the right time to the right audience segment. By leveraging our own in house content strategists and our entourage of experts, we are able to develop cost-effective content that can be implemented immediately for campaign execution and lead generation.

Content Marketing Strategy includes:

  •  ONLINE: Websites, Videos, Landing Pages, Site Copy
  • SOCIAL MEDIA: Posts, Company Pages
  • COLLATERAL: Case Studies, One Pagers, Infographics, Sales Battlesheets
  • THOUGHT LEADERSHIP: Surveys, Whitepapers, Blogs, Vlogs, Events
  • BRAND AWARENESS: Market and Persona Value Proposition, Press Releases
  • MOBILE: Applications

To receive some samples of the content we have developed with our clients contact us today!