How to Know When You’re Ready for Marketing Automation


You know something needs to change in your organization and the way you drive leads. You have a complex process that needs a simpler solution. Your marketing team is maxed out. Your sales team is hungry for leads.  You’ve been researching, looking at marketing automation platforms to help take off some of the burden and improve your team’s processes. Any of this sound familiar?


So what’s next? How do you know when it’s truly time to take the leap into marketing automation? Or if that’s even the right step for your specific needs?


Marketo has a great worksheet in their definitive guide to marketing automation (here). Basically it walks you through your marketing needs and based on your score, you can evaluate whether it’s time for marketing automation! If your situation is more complex, you may need some help to walk through the needs and solutions for your business (if that’s the case, contact us, we can help).


Can you relate to these situations? Does your company have…


  • A complicated revenue process, with multiple touches from Marketing and/or Sales
  • Many different types of buyers performing a lot of research on your company
  • A thirst for insight into the value of your marketing efforts
  • Little to no personal relationships with all buyers
  • Too many leads to personally reach out to
  • New leads that aren’t ready to engage
  • Little marketing impact on sales results
  • Data-driven marketing practices
  • A library of personalized content waiting to be used by marketing


So is your company ready for marketing automation? Complete the full Marketo worksheet, and let us know your score. We’d love to help walk you through the process to make it as quick and productive as possible.


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