Our Hope for the Future of Marketo and Adobe

Halfway through the year and we can’t help but reminisce about our favorite new beginning in the last half year, the acquisition of Marketo by Adobe.

This new partnership brings so many possibilities for the future, many of which we heard announced at the Marketing Summit in the spring, in conversations with Adobe, and directly from our Marketo customers. 

And while hope is not a strategy, we ‘hope’ the following will be realized through the unprecedented combination between Adobe and Marketo.

Native integration between Marketo and the broader Adobe solution suite.  

Marketo customers gain so much from a native integration between the two solution suites. We hope to see even more efficient user flows, with designers finalizing assets in Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) that automatically sync to Marketo without duplicating assets. Teams building assets in Marketo could even tweak and update design assets using AEM without ever leaving the Marketo tool! 

Creative template explosion by connecting Adobe Dreamweaver to Marketo. 

Dreamweaver helps Adobe customers quickly and easily create, code and manage dynamic websites. We hope to see an integration with Dreamweaver and Marketo to make it even easier to create beautiful, conversion-focused landing pages and emails–the HTML possibilities are endless!

Advanced predictive measures in Marketo with Adobe Sensei.

It was hard to miss a session at Adobe Summit that didn’t in some way tie back to Adobe Sensei – the set of machine learning capabilities woven throughout the Adobe suite that uses Artificial Intelligence to provide a real-time, comprehensive view of the customer so you can make better, quicker business decisions. We hope the future of Marketo and Adobe includes deep integration with Adobe Sensei, including lead scoring that goes beyond demographic behavior and incorporative predictive data analysis. 

We know that Adobe and Marketo have many great things in store for our Marketo customers looking to reimagine the way they generate demand for their products and services and build customer experiences. We hope that these are just a few of the many benefits we’ll see in the future!

All views and opinions from this blog are the sole opinion of Leadous and not representative of the views of Adobe, Marketo or any other entity. 

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