Marketers come up with elaborate plans with messaging that are selected word by word to insure just the perfect balance of spritz, information and technical enhancements. But when you go to put that into your email it just doesn’t work. Why? Emails, especially ones from marketing, are under the most scrutiny from IT and often times they don’t even reach the inbox. Other times, we compromise engagement for design and miss the mark. It can be frustrating! But, there is a way to reach a balance using best-practices that will work for both your marketing team and email service providers.

Best practices around email marketing are constantly evolving, so it’s important that teams understand the most recent data around email deliverability – from hitting the inbox to design. It starts with understanding your audience, gathering insight into their email service providers, and reviewing their existing engagement. Then, using best-practice approaches to design and deployment, you’ll see increased engagement and more qualified leads.

Get in depth feedback on your emails including:

  • Design
  • Inbox Placement
  • Deliverability Testing
  • Distribution list
  • To / From
  • Subject Lines
  • Headed
  • Sub Head
  • CTA
  • Copy
  • Links
  • Landing Pages
  • Forms
  • Footer
  • …and more!

NEXT STEPS: Already have highly performing emails…don’t stop there. Get a Revenue Acceleration Analysis to find out where to go next!


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