Database Analysis & Updating

The devil is in the details. The details are in the database. The database is a mess. It’s the story we hear time and time again. And nine times out of ten, once you get the database cleaned up you’d be surprised what you’ll find out.

Let’s preface this by saying that no database is ever 100% clean. But let’s also say that every database has room for improvement. Whether it is duplicate data, incomplete data or bad data – the data in any marketing database is going to drive results. The better the data, the more accurate the analytics, the easier to make sound decisions to improve.

Our process involves a one time update of the database that includes checking for bad emails, duplicates and incomplete records. Often times this reduces the amount of data by ⅓ and thereby also reduces data storage costs. It practically pays for itself.

Garbage in, garbage out. We get the garbage out – for good!

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