Want to know how to run campaigns? Want to know how to log in and pull data or run reports? Want to become an expert? We offer a variety of ways to learn Marketo best practices and techniques to guide you in your use of Marketo. By combining classroom, workshop and one-on-one training in your instance and customized for your company, you are sure to go from novice to expert in no time. Our approach allows you to create your own learning path to the type of learning that suits you best and build a custom training library for your instance to increase your user adoption.

What type of training are you looking for:
Complimentary ‘Deep Dish’ Training Sessions
Marketo 101
Group Training


Dive deep into best practices, tips and tricks and all things to know about topics important to your company. Leadous,  industry experts and local marketing automation leaders  share their knowledge on all things marketing.

Topics  include:

  • Web Personalization
  • Predictive Content and ContentAl
  • Revenue Cycle Modeler
  • Deliverability Tools
  • SEO
  • And more…

There is no cost for these sessions.


Get a beginner level foundations and best practices training for organizing, building and managing campaigns on the Marketo platform. Training consists of classroom, workshop and customized 1:1 in instance training to give marketers the knowledge to execute on their marketing plans and drive results.

Prerequisites: Must be a Marketo customer with access to instance. Need Username and password and have tested login credentials to confirm access to Marketo.

Day 1:
Session 1: Admin/Set Up/Core Concepts
Session 2: Programs/Campaigns
Session 3: Asset Creation

Day 2:
Session 4: Reporting & Metrics
Session 5: Lead Scoring and Lifecycle

Day 3:
Session 6: Advanced Features
Session 7: Best Practices

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Learning Marketo from scratch? Inherit an instance? Maybe you just need to brush up on your skills. We offer one-to-one customized training in your instance to help you maximize your investment. From campaign setup to reporting and everything in-between – let us know what you need and we’ll cater a learning path for you or your colleagues.

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Already trained and looking to expand your team… Leadous Managed Services help you connect to the most experienced digital marketers to help take your automation efforts to the next level.


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