CRM systems have been at the epicenter of managing pipelines for decades. Remember Siebel? Marketing was always evaluated subjectively based on catchy taglines, sexy videos and slick collateral. With the introduction of marketing automation, marketers can now manage their efforts objectively with real numbers. And although it has been happening for some time, many still manage each function in a linear way not connecting the pieces together. Leaving unrealized value and revenue on the table.

By connecting marketing and sales systems organizations can now loop the journey from marketing to sales to customer and back into marketing that customer to buy more. This closed loop allows visibility of lead’s engagement for life. Giving marketing and sales insight into their behavior over time and when to market new products to them, proving what marketing tactics influenced closed deals the most, aligning marketing spend to sales and generating pipeline opportunities.

Aligning your CRM to Adobe’s Marketo Engage or Campaign automation platforms to close your loop.

These platforms easily integrate with the most powerful CRM solutions in the marketplace:, Microsoft Dynamics, and Infor.

Already integrated…use Leadous Campaign Mentor services to execute campaigns and accelerate your time to leads.


CRMs and Marketing Automation – Complements Not Competition

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