Years ago, when our CEO started in sales and marketing it took seven times over seven different mediums to get a contact to become a marketing qualified lead. Over the last two decades that number has tripled. What does that tell us? Not one white paper or webinar or a visit to a website is going to cut it. If you don’t have enough content it will quickly be exhausted – resulting in an inconsistent flow of messages and, most often times, a lot of unsubscribes.

A Content and Design Evaluation will help identify the core elements your company needs to prioritize what content you create and repurpose, ultimately attracting, engaging, converting, and keeping customers.

A Content and Design Evaluation includes:

  • ONLINE: Websites, Videos, Landing Pages, Site Copy
  • SOCIAL MEDIA: Posts, Company Pages
  • COLLATERAL: Case Studies, One Pagers, Infographics, Sales Battlesheets
  • THOUGHT LEADERSHIP: Surveys, Whitepapers, Blogs, Vlogs, Events
  • BRAND AWARENESS: Market and Persona Value Proposition, Press Releases
  • MOBILE: Applications
  • …and more

By ensuring your content and design elements are optimized for digital you can drive engagement. With purposeful subject lines, graphics, collateral videos, landing pages … well the list goes on and on … you can ensure clicks, CTAs and conversions. Let us show you how.

Your content is king, so now what? Understanding your database and how you are going to segment ensures you get the right content, to the right person.  Leadous’ Database Analysis and Planning ensures you’ve got people to send that content to… and if not, it helps you develop a plan to build out your lists and expand your reach.


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