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One of the things we know for sure is that the more you know about the job you have the more effective you become. For most Marketo users that has meant working with a partner to implement Marketo Engage, whether it be Adobe or otherwise, attend Foundations Training by sending a fake invite to a dinner party, and then getting back into the office a week later to send your first email in Marketo.  This process got users stuck in a batch and blast mode, not much more powerful than the email marketing solution they migrated from.  

Or our favorite, users inherit an instance built with straws and duct tape.  Previous users built what they could with what they knew. Everything by trial and error.  Wasting precious time and resources.  Then just when they finally got rolling, would leave to move onto the next role and the process would restart.

The Leadous  powerhouse of experts won’t let users flail any longer. Enter Certous.  Leadous’ learning management system powered platform for personalized Marketo engage curriculums to take Marketo Engage Users from novice to pro in no time.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…

  1. Register for a license.
  2. Fill out the Marketo Experience Questionnaire.
  3. Get access to your personalized curriculum.

      Now start learning!

Register today and begin your path to Marketo Engage excellence!

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Science fiction has long promised us a future where we are assisted in our day-to-day lives by robotic assistants. While we haven’t progressed to our own personal robo-butlers quite yet, we have started to see technologies like chatbots begin to rise to prominence. Adobe has now released a Marketo Engage-integrated Dynamic Chat solution that your company can leverage to provide targeted, personalized engagement for your audience.

Design Your Virtual Assistant

Dynamic Chat allows you to build multiple dialogues that will define how you want to approach your audience. Each dialogue will have three components to its design that control its behavior. The first two components are logistical in nature. First, you will need to define where you want the chat to appear. In other words, which web page(s) should your bot use to engage your customers? Next, you need to define who you want to engage. The dialogue you present to an unknown visitor could be designed entirely differently from the one you give to someone you know is a member of the C-suite at a company you are specifically targeting.

The third, and most involved, aspect will be designing the actual prompts, content, and logical paths you want the conversation to use. Each prompt can lead to one or multiple paths as your bot assists your visitor. Obviously, as a savvy marketer, you have a desired outcome in mind that you are driving your audience toward. For your reporting and analytics, you can mark steps in the conversation as goal steps. Think of a completed goal step kind of like a successful status in a Marketo program. This will help you track how successfully each dialogue is performing.

The visual aesthetics of your chatbot are yours to design. You have control over the coloring, font, and even the avatar you show. Take the time to make sure your bot follows your brand guidelines. Before you send your chatbot out on to the world wide web, you will need to give it a name. Some brands choose to be transparent, naming their chabot something that clearly indicates you are dealing with a machine. Other brands choose to use a human name. Find what works best for your brand. Dynamic Chat’s UI allows easy control when implementing these decisions.  

Dynamic Chat also allows integrations with your sales team’s calendars in Outlook or Google. Once the setup is complete, you can offer your website visitors the option to schedule a meeting directly from the chat window without anyone on your payroll taking the time to set it up. In case your sales team is worried about being flooded with unqualified leads, you can reassure them that you can set up the dialogue to only present the option to those records that meet certain qualifications.  

Take Advantage of the Marketo Connection

Make sure to take advantage of the Dynamic Chat solution’s integration with the Marketo Engage platform. The conversations you design can fully leverage Marketo’s token functionality. This will grant you the ability to personalize your messages. We all know personalized marketing campaigns perform better than marketing to a generic audience.

Dynamic Chat will also open up a new suite of smart list filter/trigger options that you can use. With access to this new logic, you can seamlessly incorporate chatbot interactions into your overall Marketo plans. This allows you to perform actions like basing a triggered email upon reaching a dialogue goal, targeting all the people who interacted with the chatbot, and scoring the action of scheduling an appointment with one of your representatives. Most organizations will start their deployment of the chatbot small with some specific use cases. However, if you take the time to plan out what the projects need, the chatbot can be fully incorporated into advanced ABM strategies and play an important role in your multi-touch attribution model. 

The Future is Now

We are likely just on the cusp of what automated assistants like chatbots will be able to offer to you, your organization, and your customers. Industries such as retail, healthcare, and banking are all already adopting chatbots meaning consumers’ familiarity and comfort with them is likely only to increase. Younger generations that have grown up on the internet already expect instant service 24 hours a day. Chatbots help fulfill this need.

Here at Leadous, we pride ourselves on staying at the forefront of delivering the best Marketo experience possible. The Dynamic Chat solution will be available to all new Marketo Engage customers, and Adobe is currently in the process of rolling the feature out to existing accounts. No matter your history with Marketo, we can help you incorporate this new engagement stream into your instance and marketing strategy. Let us guide you through your launch and then help you develop advanced campaigns that help improve your customer experience and ROI.

Reach out to a Leadous expert today to discuss Dynamic Chat in more detail.

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Consumer Privacy and Marketo

Change has already come to the online marketing space. International law such as the GDPR and Canada’s CASL already affects the way online marketers are forced to operate. While the United States has yet to enact any similar legislation, the passage of California’s CCPA shows that individual states may be willing to experiment with their own versions of legislation addressing consumer privacy.

Meanwhile, outside of government regulation, companies such as Apple and Google are implementing their own changes that are making marketers rethink their strategies. These new options for the public have begun to impact metrics and the way they should be evaluated. For instance, Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection means companies relying heavily on email opens will need to pivot to new strategies. When Google Chrome phases out third-party cookies, even more changes will be coming to the world of online marketing.

Reacting to the New Normal

All of these changes restrict what online marketers can see and do with consumer data. There is really no getting around that these particular changes will be difficult for anyone comfortable with the status quo. From a work-process standpoint, online marketers will need to literally perform more work to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Even trickier, from a brand perspective, the new normal is going to require building even more trust in the relationship with target audiences.

Building and maintaining trust in the relationship between brand and consumer is a difficult problem to solve, and it will never be solved permanently. Your communications and calls to action need to encourage the kinds of behaviors that can still be tracked and measured. Future calls to action should incorporate ways to have your audience volunteer information to you.

While not a direct substitution for the loss of tracking cookies, information willingly given feels less invasive when leveraged. However, keep in mind that frequent calls to action need to be balanced against annoying the audience. Balancing the need to get audiences to interact against overwhelming them with noise will be a stunt worthy of a circus acrobat.

Create Trust with a Preference Center

One of the key elements in a trustworthy relationship is not feeling bombarded with unimportant communications. Using a preference center helps ensure that people in your database only receive emails they want to receive. This is a simple way to have audiences volunteer their interests, valuable information under any circumstance. A successful preference center will be carefully considered so the variety of options presented represents a useful array of distinctions to help categorize audiences while not overwhelming people with perceived minutiae. Yes, thought should be put into building trust at all levels of this undertaking.

As an additional bonus, a preference center can potentially save a record from unsubscribing in a couple of ways. First, if someone has stated they want to receive emails about a topic, they are much less likely to be annoyed at seeing an email they do not care about and unsubscribe on a whim. Second, if someone does want to unsubscribe and is instead presented with a well-designed preference center (which should include the option to totally unsubscribe), they may instead opt to update their communication preferences potentially turning what was going to be a person lost forever into volunteered information.

Once your audience has volunteered their interests to you, make sure to respect them. After a preference center is up and running, consider which subset of your overall audience would care about the new content. Imagine the sense of betrayal a consumer would feel if they took the time to fill out their preferences stating they only want to hear about certain content, and you do not filter out anything after they do so. No one likes wasted effort.

Making the most of Marketo

By building out best practice programs, Marketo can ensure you comply with all the pertinent laws and regulations. Fortunately, doing this work is a one-time investment. Build the campaign, test it, set it, and forget it. Until regulations change, assuming the programs built satisfy all the necessary requirements, Marketo will continue to meet those requirements in perpetuity.

That’s not the end of Marketo’s usefulness for building trust. Use Marketo reporting to determine when your audience’s still measurable behavior is shifting. This means decisions should be based more on trends than any one particular action. Guide your decisions by following the data.

Finally, one of the most concrete and impactful actions to start building trust in this new era is the implementation of a clear, concise preference center. You can of course build out a fully customized preference center using Marketo.

As a smart man once said, “The only constant in life is change.” This change is already underway and is still evolving. There will surely be a period of transition as consumers gain more privacy protections. Fortunately, there is a light at the end of this tunnel. The average MQL should increase in value because their interest in the product will be more demonstrable. Additionally, since consumers will be voluntarily receiving solicitations and submitting personal information, the confidence level in leads should increase.

Leadous can help make sure Marketo Engage is doing all the work it can for your company.

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Check out the updates coming to Marketo Engage this month as well as details regarding a bounce error from Gmail.

Marketo Engage January ‘21 Release

Marketo Engage will release the following updates starting on January 15, 2021

What’s New?

    • Additional features supporting workspaces and partitions, which includes the ability to share folders between workspaces.
    • The enablement of multi-channel personalization with continuous syncs to the Adobe Experience Cloud, Google, Facebook and LinkedIn as well as the ability to use tokens for program member custom fields.
    • A new API which allows Marketo Engage to pull data from non-Marketo Engage forms and mimic the same functionalities.
    • A new Landing Page Preview API which can render fully personalized previews of landing pages without logging in to Marketo Engage and enable end-to-end editing with integrated third party applications.

Additional information on the upcoming product release can be found here: Marketo Product Docs – January 2021 Release

Gmail Bounce Error

Marketo Engage was made aware of an error at Gmail that caused sends to valid emails to hard bounce in error. The error impacted sends between 12/14/2020 at 6:00 AM PST and 12/15/2020 at 3:51 PST.

For more details on this issue and how to correct it in Marketo Engage please check out Marketo Nation. Of course we’re always here if you have questions as well, contact us.

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Marketo Engage is making changes that may impact your URLs and forms.

Customer Specific URL Changes

Starting January 21, 2021 Marketo Engage will be making changes to the structure of URLs for landing pages, forms, and images/files for subscribers without a configured landing page domain.  These changes will not impact users who currently have a configured landing page domain.

What’s Changing?

  • Paths for each asset type will change to a unique hostname for your individual  subscription. 

What Actions Should Be Taken to Prepare for the Upcoming Changes?

  • Configure landing page URLs with a CNAME.
  • Enable SSL on your landing pages.
  • Update secure pages hosted outside of Marketo Engage that utilize Marketo Engage forms with the new embed code released in October 2020.
  • Audit where Design Studio assets are referenced on the web to update the existing URL structure. 

When Will Changes Be Implemented?

  • For new subscriptions, Marketo Engage will begin gradually provisioning the updated URLs starting January 21 – March 4, 2021
  • For existing users, changes will gradually roll out starting April 1, 2021,  with more details on the timeline to be released in March.
  • Complete depreciation of current URLs will begin in 2022.

As additional information becomes available we will pass it along but in the meantime you can find more info here: Marketo Nation Post

Form Updates

What’s Changing?

  • Forms 1.0 will no longer be functional and submissions will not go through.
  • Marketo Engage will reject form submissions through unsupported methods such as programmatic form POSTs due to being frequent targets of bot attacks. 

What Actions Should Be Taken to Prepare for the Upcoming Changes?

  • If your subscription was provisioned before December 31, 2014 you may still be utilizing Forms 1.0 assets, those will need to be updated in Forms 2.0 and replaced wherever they’re being used.
  • Check to see if any third parties are using the form POST method to send information to Marketo Engage as workarounds will be required.

When Will Changes Be Implemented?

  • The above changes will be a part of the May 7, 2021 Marketo Engage release.

Find out more about the form changes here.

Of course we’re always here if you have questions,  contact us.

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Leadous is so honored to receive the Adobe Accredited Partner Solution badge for our Marketing Automation as a Service offering (MA-aaS) to support our best-in-class customers as they level up their marketing automation results. 

What is MA-aaS?

Marketing automation as a service essentially gives customers “rented” access to Marketo Engage’s full platform capabilities, while keeping the complex setup and tactical work in the hands of Leadous marketing automation experts, so you can simply focus on results.

It’s a value-driven approach to marketing automation for organizations looking to improve their digital marketing ROI, without needing in-house expertise or an expansive budget immediately at hand.

Our MA-aaS offering helps organizations test, refine and plan for a potential expanded use of Marketo Engage, without the immediate investment. Leadous’ service includes:

  • Strategy, technical prowess, and campaign execution by Marketo certified experts
  • Marketo Engage License
  • Access to the full feature set
  • Data backed results

What is an Adobe Accredited Partner Solution?

Adobe Accredited Partner Solutions solve a repeatable, industry-focused business challenge using the versatility of Adobe Experience Cloud technology combined with the domain expertise of an Adobe Solution Partner. It provides:

  • Adobe solution endorsement
  • Shorter implementation times
  • Exceptional delivery quality 
  • Maximized cost savings
  • Cost & risk reduction 
  • Accelerated time to value 

We couldn’t be more excited to offer MA-aaS to our customers as an Adobe Accredited Partner Solution. If you’re interested in learning more about Marketing Automation as a Service, or simply get more marketing automation best practices, read our new white paper on The Rise of Marketing Automation as a Service here or get all the details on Leadous’ MA-aaS offering here.

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There are some upcoming changes that will impact your Marketo instance and marketing automation activities in general in the coming months.  They include:

Updated Marketo UI

If you didn’t know already, Marketo is getting a facelift!  

What’s changing? 

  • More intuitive navigation header with easy access to different product areas & global search. 
  • Cleaner tree with a simplified icon set and advanced filtering options. 

With these updates, users can expect improved efficiency and simplified workflows as Marketo Engage continues to make enhancements to the platform.  The rollout of the new UI is phased so some users may already be using while others are not, unfortunately a schedule is not available at this time.

As additional information becomes available we will pass it along but in the meantime here are some additional resources:

Setting Up SSL for Your Landing Pages

Data security is becoming more important since online threats can result in lost revenue, data and trust. These issues have led Marketo to require secured domains for every instance in 2020. Marketo instances who have not enabled SSL will experience issues with image rendering and links. 

To see if SSL is enabled in your instance, go to the Admin section and navigate to the Landing Page section. Under Settings toward the bottom you should see ‘Use Secure Pages:Yes.’

If you have not enabled SSL for your instance our step-by-step guide outlines the steps you’ll need to take to ensure it is done properly.  

Mixed Content 

In conjunction with enabling SSL in your Marketo instance it’s important to note that Google has announced a plan to block mixed content in Chrome to protect users from insecure downloads.  

What does this mean?:

  • If a user is viewing a secure (HTTPS) page and any of the content or images are hosted on non-secure links (HTTP) the content will not display (i.e. a picture will display as a broken image.)
  • Downloads will face the same issue as images, the only difference being an error message will display instead of a broken image.

Marketo has already started finding solutions to this issue with updates to Munchkin tracking code and RTP.

Cookie Tracking

Changes to cookie tracking will impact the Original Search Phrase and Original Search Engine fields in Marketo, which are intended to populate if the first webpage visit comes from a search engine link click.  Search engines no longer pass this information due to security and privacy concerns but Marketo will hold on to those fields so previously acquired data can be retained.

If you have questions on these topics you can contact us .

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If you’re an avid Marketo Engage fan (which we all are here at Leadous of course) you may have heard or even seen that Marketo Engage is getting an updated look and feel in 2020. 

Here’s everything you need to know about the next generation Marketo Engage experience, and how it will help your marketing team work faster and smarter. 

What’s changing in the Marketo Engage User Interface (UI)? 

The new Marketo Engage experience brings together the look and feel of Adobe Experience Cloud. You’ll be able to seamlessly toggle back and forth between the current and new UI on every screen for easy adoption. 

The flagship change includes a more intuitive navigation header with easy access to different product areas and global search. There’s also a cleaner menu tree with a simplified icon set and advanced filtering options. 

Benefits and Features of the New UI

Marketo designed these changes with your efficiency and workflows in mind. Here are some of the benefits Marketo has listed from the updated experience:

  • Streamlined program and asset creation with the ability to create a local asset within a folder
  • Consistent design for easier navigation across Adobe Experience Cloud applications
  • Updated and sleek iconography
  • A faster, more performant tree
  • Ability to easily collapse all folders in the left-side tree menu
  • Ability to apply multiple filters at once to narrow down your search
  • Find any campaign, asset, etc. across Marketo Engage with Global Search
  • More intuitive global navigation to move around Marketo Engage quickly
  • And of course, there will be no changes to your ability to build programs or access to the application!

When can you use the updated UI? 

Marketo is updating customers’ experiences via a phased rollout extending through the rest of 2020. If you’re interested in getting access to the new UI right away, contact your Leadous representative!

For more information on everything included in the new Marketo Engage experience watch this On-Demand Webinar from Marketo or contact your Leadous representative to learn more.

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Leadous is excited to announce that Katie Kartak, Campaign Strategist at Leadous is our newest certified Adobe Campaign Business Practitioner!

After passing the certification exam showing comprehensive ability across campaign management, workflow management, data management, delivery management, reporting, and administration, Katie will now bring a full suite of proven Adobe campaign skills to the Leadous team. 

We’re excited to congratulate Katie on her certification, and even more excited to offer another level of Adobe Campaign experience to our clients.

If you’re interested in learning more about what Katie is working on with Adobe Campaign and how that can help your organization, contact Leadous!


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Uncertainty has become the new normal. But in the face of challenging times, leaders are innovating new ways to operate. 

As marketers, we’ve seen innovation in the pivot from in person events to virtual experiences like virtual happy hours, trivia nights, and more. As business leaders, we’ve seen innovation in the ways we communicate across teams and with new and existing customers–taking advantage of digital communication like chat and email like never before. 

But the one thing we don’t want to let go of in our new normal is our opportunity to connect and share best practices with our peers. That’s why Leadous has teamed up with Modus and NPARALLEL to host top business and marketing leaders for a virtual panel on June 24th as they openly reflect on their current stories of innovation.  

Leaning on each other will only make us stronger and allow us to continue building meaningful relationships. Here’s a few of the best practices our panel will share:

  • How leading brands are innovating for existing and new customers. 
  • How to innovate through the power of connection in this new business landscape.
  • And other fresh ideas that are actionable for you and your team. 


We’re excited to welcome industry-leading panelists to this virtual event, including:

Stephanie Hammes-Betti
SVP of Innovation Design at U.S. Bank

Alice Heiman
Co-Founder & CSO of Alice Heiman, LLC

Travis Stanton
Editor at EXHIBITOR Magazine

To Experience The Exclusive Panel Discussion, Click HERE.

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We’re well into months of remote work from the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite all the uncertainty of what will happen next, it’s clear the old way of doing business, and really business globally, will likely never be the same. 

As we all shift to our “new normal” ways of work, one constant that our team has been relying on, along with the marketing teams we support, is email. As a platinum-level Adobe partner and a Specialized Marketo Certified Partner, we found ourselves leveraging email more than ever to  communicate, offer support, and simply connect with our existing customers in new, personal ways. 

After looking at some of the data that has come through on email marketing in the times of COVID-19, it’s clear we aren’t alone in our reliance on email. After digging in, here’s a few trends we found. 

Email sends increased during the early stages of the pandemic.

We’ve seen a huge spike in emails related to the coronavirus pandemic during the first few weeks of stay-at-home orders in the United States. Just look at this chart from Sparkpost showing the increase in coronavirus-related subject lines:

Email engagement increased. 

The good news is that mapping to that increase in sends, we saw an increase in email engagement. According to Grit News, some email marketers have seen anywhere from a 5% open rate increase to a 30+% engagement increase. One of our clients successfully sent  4X the number of emails monthly which has led to 300X the previous engagement level among their audience. 

Messaging has become an even more delicate balance.

With or without a pandemic, the golden rule of email still applies. Send relevant content to the right people at the right time. During times of crisis, there’s a lot more pressure on what relevant content (and good timing) will mean to your audience. In recent research from MarketingCharts, they found that 79% of marketers were somewhat concerned (52%) or very concerned (27%) about “making missteps that may harm their brand image.” 

No one wants to be the brand sending tone-deaf messages to an audience already going through impossible circumstances because you forgot to turn off a smart campaign or didn’t adjust next month’s newsletter content to fit our current realities.

Thankfully, we’ve seen some great examples of thoughtful, engaging communication in the last few months. They’re empathetic and clearly composed, and they offer real value to the audience.

Deliverability challenges were rampant.

Understandably with uncertainty, some businesses overshot and sent too many messages to audiences they may have not communicated with in a long time. Marketo and other providers did send out helpful guidance on managing your reputation and inbox placement during unprecedented times of email volume.  Much of this was spurred by quick changes in team members and emails hard bouncing.

Depending on whether you are on your own or shared IP, there are risks in sudden spikes or dips in email volume. Now is a good time to familiarize yourself with your email deliverability situation and make sure you have a strategy and are staying consistent. And as always, you should have an email strategy to weed out people who have not engaged with your email content for some time.  Leadous does offer a special program focused on this process specifically.  

What’s Next

As we enter the next phase of the pandemic in the U.S., we’re likely to see new trends in email and marketing as a whole. However, it’s reassuring in a time where not much is certain, that email is here to stay and the guiding principles remain the same:

  • Be empathetic in your messaging
  • Understand who your audience is, what they’re looking for from you, and how that aligns with your brand goals
  • Don’t overstay your welcome in the inbox

Keep those in mind through every campaign to make sure you’re providing shared value to your audience. And as always, if you’re looking for more insights into developing your email strategy now and in the future, contact Leadous

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With only a few more weeks left in 2019, we’re taking stock of our whirlwind of a year as a preferred Adobe and Marketo Partner. 

In the last year we’ve grown bigger, and taken on more epic projects than we ever could’ve dreamed of just a few short years ago. We’re so grateful, especially during this holiday season to be working with the industry’s best and brightest. 

So in case you missed any of it, here’s just a few of our highlights from the last few months at Leadous.

Achieving Marketo Engage Specialization Partner

Our biggest honor to date was receiving the Marketo Engage Specialization from Adobe’s leadership team, an achievement given to the few who have reached the highest level of Marketo expertise. 

Marketo Acceleration Certification Partner

Leadous was also awarded the rare Marketo Acceleration Certification in our commitment to provide everything you need to design and deliver exceptional digital experiences for your end customers. These combined accomplishments position the team to be among the top Marketo experts in the world.    

Solidifying our Commitment to Customer Success

Specializations and certifications are not just great for our virtual trophy case, they also help us to better serve you, our customers. By highlighting our best-in-class Marketo solution practice, we’re better positioned to get you a direct line to the latest education, best practices and updates coming out of Adobe/Marketo. And you can always trust you’re in the hands of 100% certified experts architecting, configuring and managing Marketo Engage to drive results for your business.

Leveling up our Team of Experts

On that note, we’ve celebrated more Marketo certifications among our team of consultants this year than any other! With numerous MSAs, MCEs, and MCSAs added to our certs roll call, our team is leveling up to be able to provide you the best Adobe/Marketo experience you can find. 

Taking That Expertise on the Road

From donning our 80s best at the 2019 Business Excellence Gala, to talking all things #smarketing on the Twin Cities Startup Week Panel to the Adobe Conference and beyond, we’ve taken our special brand of Leadous expertise on the road to share best practices, and hear directly from you about what you’re prioritizing in your digital marketing.

It’s been a fabulous year, and decade, for Leadous. Thank you to our entire team of experts for sharing your time and talents with us, and to our customers for trusting us to transform your digital strategies, we can’t wait to see what next year brings!

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During the holiday season your marketing team’s “wish list” probably includes a little time off, a little less noise from that “squeaky wheel” in sales, smooth sailing into 2020 budgeting, and… a Marketo expert?

Seems odd but after years of working with marketing teams on their Marketo instances, this definitely makes the top of the wish list for many of them.

Are you looking for a vetted team member who understands the platform inside and out, who can jump in and quickly push your team to new levels of automation prowess? All while seamlessly architecting and launching emails and analyzing data to drive more lead generation?

Unfortunately for many of the companies we work with, that expectation nets out to a bit of (unrealistic) holiday magic.

Most experienced Marketo pros are self taught by situational learning at one company after another. Their instances are left to collect dust when they move jobs and often no one understands how to pick up where they left off. Sometimes, by the time a new team member is in place, they decide to start from scratch rather than work through the mess without documentation (which is often the stage Leadous gets called in to rebuild!).

That’s why we’ve started offering our Staff Augmentation Services for Adobe and Marketo experts.

Instead of jumping in to pick up the pieces of an unused, undocumented Marketo instance, we provide certified, vetted experts from the get go, with the best practices and proven experience to get your demand generation efforts going the right way, right away.

With Marketing Automation Staff Augmentation, Leadous provides:

  • Expedited placements for resources managed by Leadous
  • A bench of dedicate Marketo experienced professionals
  • An advanced team with specialized Marketo skills to support custom requests around technical integrations and custom HTML
  • Staffing plan created just for you

Don’t worry, in this marketplace where Marketo talent is always hard to find and quick to leave to the next spot…we are constantly preparing a bench so you never go without the expertise you need to leverage your investment in Marketo.

Looking to get yourself into the Marketo job market? Digital Marketers with Marketo experience can take part in Leadous MCA Training Programs to create more value for themselves in the marketplace and to elevate themselves for their next career move.

So for Christmas this year, don’t wait for Santa to bring you your open marketing wishlist, fill your open Marketo role with an Adobe + Marketo certified expert. It’s like buying insurance for your expensive gifts, making sure that you’re always covered no matter the circumstances.

To learn more about marketing automation staff augmentation contact us today.

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Leadous is proud to be one of the first Adobe solution partners globally to achieve the Marketo Engage Specialization (read the full press release here).  

Adobe specialized partners must demonstrate trusted expertise, tested skills and customer success to be considered. Specialized partners are certified by Adobe for their proven capabilities and successful implementations — the best of the best in the partner ecosystem.

“Our team is dedicated to ensuring every Marketo user is successful and becomes an unwavering advocate for the platform. We are proud to be collaborating with Adobe/Marketo to become partners in our customers’ success,” said Tracey Ellis, CEO of Leadous.  

As a Marketo Gold Services provider and Adobe Bronze Partner, Leadous serves over 140 clients worldwide, from fast growth companies to large enterprises. We’re excited to continue to bring our in-depth Marketo and Adobe expertise to even more customers!

If you have a question for one of our experts, or are looking to learn more about our Marketo and Adobe services, reach out to Leadous today

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Halfway through the year and we can’t help but reminisce about our favorite new beginning in the last half year, the acquisition of Marketo by Adobe.

This new partnership brings so many possibilities for the future, many of which we heard announced at the Marketing Summit in the spring, in conversations with Adobe, and directly from our Marketo customers. 

And while hope is not a strategy, we ‘hope’ the following will be realized through the unprecedented combination between Adobe and Marketo.

Native integration between Marketo and the broader Adobe solution suite.  

Marketo customers gain so much from a native integration between the two solution suites. We hope to see even more efficient user flows, with designers finalizing assets in Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) that automatically sync to Marketo without duplicating assets. Teams building assets in Marketo could even tweak and update design assets using AEM without ever leaving the Marketo tool! 

Creative template explosion by connecting Adobe Dreamweaver to Marketo. 

Dreamweaver helps Adobe customers quickly and easily create, code and manage dynamic websites. We hope to see an integration with Dreamweaver and Marketo to make it even easier to create beautiful, conversion-focused landing pages and emails–the HTML possibilities are endless!

Advanced predictive measures in Marketo with Adobe Sensei.

It was hard to miss a session at Adobe Summit that didn’t in some way tie back to Adobe Sensei – the set of machine learning capabilities woven throughout the Adobe suite that uses Artificial Intelligence to provide a real-time, comprehensive view of the customer so you can make better, quicker business decisions. We hope the future of Marketo and Adobe includes deep integration with Adobe Sensei, including lead scoring that goes beyond demographic behavior and incorporative predictive data analysis. 

We know that Adobe and Marketo have many great things in store for our Marketo customers looking to reimagine the way they generate demand for their products and services and build customer experiences. We hope that these are just a few of the many benefits we’ll see in the future!

All views and opinions from this blog are the sole opinion of Leadous and not representative of the views of Adobe, Marketo or any other entity. 

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Think about your target audience for your marketing efforts. Chances are, your thoughts go straight to your ideal, prospective customer. But is that really the only audience you market to? Chances are, probably not. Most B2B companies today aren’t just marketing to prospective customers. They’re marketing to resellers, partners, customers, the list goes on.

That’s the challenge Remote Technologies Inc. (RTI) experienced. RTI is a control systems manufacturer offering professional installed user-friendly home automation devices.

With over 25,000 customers worldwide, plus resellers and installers, RTI needed a comprehensive marketing strategy that spoke to all their target audiences, and the technology stack to support it. Their marketing team, led by Director Abbie Hill, wanted to be able to tailor a unified customer experience to their different audiences in a simple way.

Enter Leadous.

Oftentimes we see complexity as the name of the game when it comes to marketing technology like Marketo, but it doesn’t need to be that way. At Leadous, we believe in working smarter, not harder. “Creating simplicity in a very complex space is how you create value,” said Abbie Hill, the Director of Marketing Communications at RTI. 

Leadous worked with Hill at RTI to create smart simplicity in their marketing efforts, by implementing Marketo with a B2E – Business to Everyone – approach in mind. You can hear more about RTI’s full success story from Abbie HERE.

A B2E approach is NOT a one size fits all approach. The days of marketing the same message to everyone is over. In fact, a B2E approach is hyper-personalized to the person you’re talking to (who are they, what are their challenges, how are they interacting with you) and serving them an experience that speaks to their needs in that moment.

So how do you implement a B2E approach at your organization like RTI? Here’s 3 simplified steps to get you on your way.

1. Know your audience

The first step to hyper-personalization in your marketing strategy is knowing your audience. RTI had resellers selling their product, direct customers, and installers interfacing with the customers onsite. Each of these audiences had different personas, motivations, pricing, customer journeys, and so on. By understanding how you can segment your audience, it will be easier to group into smaller and smaller personalized groups that you can tackle systematically.

2. Know your content

Now that you know who you’re talking to, you can determine what you talk to them with. Do you have different calls to action that you can update whether you’re talking to a reseller or an installer? Definitely! How about images that would speak more to a direct customer than a reseller? Specific white papers, brochures, infographics, and emails that will resonate with one audience segment? Catalogue the content you have so you again can systematically group and take on what content pieces make the most sense to personalize.

3. Know your channels

Finally, you need a good understanding of where your audiences are experiencing your brand. From your website to email marketing to social media channels to advertising. Your website is an important place to focus here for personalization efforts, because that’s where your audiences are already interested and engaging with your brand.

Overall, RTI saw success with a B2E marketing approach. By working with Leadous to implement Marketo and a B2E mindsight, RTI grew their customer base by 102% YOY, increased marketing campaign engagement from 8% to more than 35%, and improved overall time to market by 25%.

“We believe in an educational approach with our customers, each experience is personalized. Leadous and Marketo provided the platform we needed to drive growth and improve our customers’ overall experience,” said Hill.

Interested in implementing Marketo with a B2E approach at your organization? Contact Leadous and let us lead you to simpler, smarter marketing automation that drives results.  



Leadous believes that marketing is a Human Experience.  

Behind every email, logo and computer screen are people waiting to engage with the world around them.  We connect people to your brand by enhancing your marketing strategy with purposeful automation that drives mindful digital experiences.  Building a sound foundation for your team to deliver business results and create happy clients.

Our HAPPY CLIENTS are how we measure our success.  
Proud Gold Partner of Marketo, an Adobe company.

Let us lead you. | | 844-LEADOUS

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At Leadous we love marketing. We love Marketo. And we love our local Twin Cities community.

That’s why we’re so excited to announce our new initiative, Leadous Loves, where we’ll be giving back to our local community, with a twist of Leadous orange.

Leadous Loves

Kicking off in June, our team members are regularly going out into the community to volunteer our time and talents. We’re starting with Hearts and Hammers, which provides exterior home improvement assistance for Senior Citizens, Disabled Adults, and Veterans of the United States Armed Forces or their Surviving Spouse so that they may continue to live independently. Read more about their amazing mission here.


Leadous will also be supporting The American Red Cross and Union Gospel Mission Twin Cities at future community giving events this summer.

We’d love for you to join us at a future volunteering event, suggest your favorite nonprofit, or just send some positive encouragement our way as we step a little outside of our comfort zones and trade in our keyboards for power tools!

If you are interested in partnering with Leadous and being a part of giving back with a twist of orange love, please reach out today.  




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You’ve (hopefully) seen the emails. Tomorrow, August 15, 2018, Marketo’s updated data retention policy goes into effect.

But what does this mean for you and your Marketo data?

The new data retention policy has two parts, high volume activities will now only be retained for 90 days and then deleted. Other lead activities will be retained for 25 months and then deleted. The only exception to this is new lead activity – you will always be able to see in your activity log when and how a lead was created.

Here is the data that will be deleted in Marketo after 90 days (same as today):

  • Add to List
  • Change Score
  • Change Data Value*
  • Visit Webpage
  • Click Link on Webpage
  • Sync Lead to SFDC
  • Sync Lead to Microsoft
  • Sync Lead Updates to SFDC
  • Update Opportunity
  • Request Campaign

Here is the data that will be deleted via Marketo after 25 months:

Activities Retained for 25 Months

If you need to retain more of this data beyond the specific time constraints you have a couple of options. You can bulk extract the data periodically and store in another system (see here for more information on the bulk extract API). The main limitation to the bulk extract API is a daily export allocation of 500 MB. If you plan to export extremely large files, an upgrade in export size will be necessary. The date range filter also maxes out at 31 days, depending on how far back you want the data to cover.

Your other option is to upgrade to Marketo’s premium Extended Data Retention subscription, which will extend your 25 months worth of data to 37 months.

Overall, the effect of the data retention is two fold. Beyond ensuring that your data is compliant with GDPR, you could see speedier load time in Marketo with less data to sift through. Depending on usage, you may see faster email sends, faster smart list processing, and faster campaign execution overall.

The other area where you’re going to see changes are smart list filters and flow steps where you can filter by an activity within a certain time period – those actions will only apply within the data retention period. Similarly, for engagement programs and smart campaigns, you will only be able to see membership within the data retention period.

To workaround these limitations, think through specific activities you want to record and try creating static lists or trigger campaigns (with custom fields) to update when specific activities occur. That way you can still segment based on this activity after the data retention period is over.

Have questions about how to retain your data? Need help exporting high value data so your reports stay clean? Contact Leadous, we can help!

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Marketing automation has changed the way marketers look at the world.  Leadous has Partnered with Adobe to bring best in class automation into the hands of those that are resource and fund constrained to leverage automation for lead generation so that everyone can experience the value of automation.

This model works best for companies that see a vision for marketing automation but want to take a step by step approach to ensuring they have all of the components in place to fully leverage marketing automation.  MA-AAS gives organizations the ability to fill all of the gaps, test, refine and plan for an expanded use of Marketo and its powerful features that drive digital demand generation.

The three options below are based on organizational and database size and are priced to provide the resources, time and investment necessary to drive results and prove ROI.

  *Pricing starting at $15,000 for three months 

Includes Marketo Workspace License fee.  Does not include content development or copywriting.

Additional items may be added to any of the above packages and will affect the monthly fee.

At the expiration client agrees to rollover their workspace to a stand alone Marketo instance.

Got questions? Contact us for more details!

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The Winter Q1 ’18 Release is now available for all Marketo users, and it feels like it’s Leadous’ birthday all over again!

The latest Marketo release features are hardworking, straight to the point enhancements that help marketers like you better reach your audience, with the experience your audience expects, and at the end of the day prove marketing’s impact on the business.

What marketer wouldn’t be happy with that in a marketing automation platform? Read on for more details!

Reach the right audiences

Marketo has a myriad of features built in to help you engage the right audience, so your marketing activities are never wasted on people who aren’t a good fit for your business. The Winter Release has a couple features that continue to build on these features:

  • New support for account hierarchies that help you expand your use of Marketo Account-Based Marketing.
  • New Google Customer Match and an enhanced LinkedIn Matched Audience API to help you reach your target audience across Google Search, YouTube, LinkedIn and Gmail.
  • New event and lead assignment notifications in the Marketo Salesforce CRM integration to help you keep sales informed and on top of their follow up strategy.

Engage customers with the experiences they want

Once you’re reaching the right audience, Marketo helps you engage them in a timely manner with experiences that make sense in the context of where they’re engaging with you. These Winter Release features help support those activities:

  • Updates to the deliver in recipients’ time zone feature so your contacts are always getting your emails when they’re most relevant.
  • Velocity scripts and segmentation-based dynamic content to help you better personalize your engagement emails.
  • Optimized ContentAI gives you suggestions on personalized content targeted to each contact so you can easily create more personalized, meaningful campaigns.

Prove Marketing’s Impact

While it’s great to impact the business and drive sales, we need to be able to prove that what we’re doing is working so we can keep doing it! A big part of the Marketo Winter Release is the new Marketo Performance Insights (MPI) dashboard showing which campaigns and channels are impacting revenue and engaging your contacts. The MPI dashboard :

  • Connects campaigns directly to pipeline revenue, so you can prove where and how much marketing is impacting the business.
  • Contains data from up to 24 months so you can analyze long term audience trends.
  • Shows the main sources and channels where you’re getting the most traction, so you can test the best channel mix for your audience.

Marketo Performance Insights

And that’s just a sampling of all the enhancements in this feature-packed release.

Interested in learning more about how you can take advantage of some of the latest Marketo features? Contact us, we’d be happy to help!

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For Leadous’ first Deep Dish Mini Workshop, we wanted to tackle a subject we get a lot of questions about: Account Based Marketing in Marketo.


Marketo Account Based Marketing (ABM) helps marketing and sales work together to engage their target prospects from a high-level account-based mindset.  It’s a logical approach – there are different decision makers and influencers that sales need to talk to in order to close a deal – now marketers can align their strategy and execution to target those same contacts in an organized fashion.


Of course, it’s easier to successfully execute Account Based Marketing when you have a marketing automation platform in place that supports this strategy. Thankfully, there’s an Account Based Marketing Add On for Marketo clients.


In our Deep Dish mini workshop, we walked through some of the benefits our clients have seen from turning on Account Based Marketing in Marketo, including:


ROI –  ABM sees the highest ROI compared to any other B2B marketing strategy.

Efficiency – ABM helps marketers focus resources efficiently on target accounts, reducing waste.

Personalization – Targeted customers are more likely to engage with content that is geared specifically to their account in ABM.

Analytics – Draw clear conclusions by looking at a smaller set of target accounts that both sales and marketing are reporting on instead of a  sea of metrics.

Sales + Marketing Alignment – Align marketing to the sales mindset and get everyone working within the same parameters.


Looking for more details on the benefits and details of ABM? Download the slides from our Deep Dish Mini Workshop here.


Interested in setting up Account Based Marketing in your Marketo instance? Let us know, we’re happy to help!

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Marketing automation, while important and impactful, is not an inexpensive undertaking. So of course you and your leadership team need to ensure every dollar of your marketing automation investment counts. A big part of ensuring your marketing automation investment is worth it, is choosing an implementation and support partner than can get you onboard quickly and fill any gaps in your team so your business starts seeing consistent results.

Where do you start when looking for a partner that is well-matched to your business that offers the right level of expertise, at the right price point? Here’s three steps to mark off your checklist.

1) Start with priorities

Start by mapping out your goals, drawing a connection all the way from your business goals to how those relate to your marketing team and marketing automation platform. Specifically, you should be asking:

  • What specific results are you being held accountable for by your leadership team? Where do you have gaps to fulfilling those bottom-line business goals that marketing is responsible for?
  • What’s your timeline to ramp up?
  • What type of team do you have and what type of expertise are they bringing to the table?
  • When you get down to the tactical details, what are your priorities based on the make-up of your team: technical implementation, content, campaign planning, data analysis, or all of the above?
  • What’s your budget?

Once you determine where you’re going, and where you have gaps, it’s time to start screening partners with the matching expertise to help get you where you need to be. The platform provider you choose should be able to direct you to a list of their preferred partners to help start you on your search.  

2) Think about the long term

After you get your list of partners to screen, ask for a quote for the specific priorities you mapped out from the above. And don’t forget to think about the long term, not just the short term of logging in and learning the ropes.  Are you given options for flexible pricing that won’t break the bank? Are they offering flexible pricing models that take into account your long term goals to onboard your team or support and troubleshoot once you’re up and running? Think about how you want your partner relationship to look like in 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, and communicate that to the prospective partners. Make sure they’re coming back with a proposal that lines up with your targets (and once you hire a partner, schedule regular check ins that coincide with your timeline goals to make sure everything is on track along the way).

3) Ask for references

You wouldn’t hire an employee without asking for a reference, make sure to do the same for your marketing automation partner. Request to talk with a customer or two to hear firsthand what their experience has been working with the partner. It will give you the confidence that you’re making the right choice!

As always, Leadous is here to help with your marketing automation needs, no matter what stage of implementation you’re in. Contact us for more information on the services we provide!

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You know your organization needs marketing automation. You’ve got the strategy pulled together and the budget dollars estimated. Now how do you get your C-Suite on board with the investment?

Thankfully, marketing automation isn’t unknown to most executives. At the Leadous event on July 25, Why Marketing Automation Has the Attention of Executives, you can hear directly from three marketing leaders on how and why marketing automation got their attention, and the results they’ve seen soon after implementing marketing automation.

Here’s a sneak peek of the reasons marketing automation is too good to pass up on for the C-Suite.

1) Proving and justifying marketing spend

Marketing automation gives your marketing team room to focus on what’s important, because you’re able to clearly show the entire lifecycle of a lead, from all the activities marketing is driving to drum up interest, down to assets and events that are specifically converting that interest into sales. Using this information, CMOs are able to more efficiently budget their marketing spend, and justify that spend by pointing directly to the revenue they’re driving.

2) Controlling messaging across the organization

Marketing automation goes beyond lead generation. You can use it for onboarding clients, internal employee newsletters, the uses are endless. But the control remains under one platform, which allows marketing to keep a close eye on the company brand.

3) Improving the relationship with sales

The relationship between sales and marketing isn’t always effortless. There’s a natural push and pull that can be improved with a platform that standardizes processes, and clearly divides responsibilities across the company. With a clear process for determining a high quality lead, and an automated hand-off procedure from marketing to sales, sales is happier with the quality of leads they’re getting and bringing in more revenue. And marketing is able to focus more time on fine tuning the system, rather than one off requests. Which leaves less for the CMO to juggle across teams.

4) Becoming an invaluable resource to company strategy

Marketing automation platforms house a huge amount of data that shows the needs and wants of future customers. Using those reports, CMOs are able to help inform not only the marketing strategy, but the broader product and service strategy, based on the trends they’re tracking every day.

Need tips to convince your CMO on the benefit of marketing automation? Attend the Leadous event next week (July 25) at CRAVE Edina to hear directly from executives with experience implementing Marketo. Or contact us today to get started.

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Marketo and Salesforce go together like peanut butter and jelly, ice cream and waffle cones, pizza and black olives (am I making anyone else hungry or is it just me?).


You get the idea, Marketo and Salesforce CRM have a pretty seamless integration. And Marketo has gone all in (reupping their partner agreement with Salesforce for another 3 years) to ensure that partnership continues as one of the best integrations in the marketing automation industry according to both Gartner and Forrester.


At Leadous, we’ve helped many of our clients configure a new or existing Marketo instance with Salesforce, to make sure that both softwares were working well together to achieve their business objectives.


There are 4 primary syncs we often setup with our Marketo-Salesforce Integration clients:


  1. Tracking Marketo campaign activities in Salesforce.
  2. Supplying the sales team with qualified Marketo leads in Salesforce.
  3. Following the path a lead takes to an opportunity.
  4. Creating customized email campaigns based on Salesforce data.
  5. Bonus! Nearly anything you can dream up that helps to better automate and streamline your marketing and sales processes between Marketo and Salesforce.


Recently, Leadous worked with several technology companies to tailor the exact specifications for the Marketo leads they were funneling to the sales team through Salesforce. We helped them build a customized Marketo-Salesforce sync that allows for pacing, criterion to ensure that only the appropriate leads were being contacted, and data enhancement.


Interested in what the power of Marketo AND Salesforce can do for your sales bottom line? Contact us to get more details on our Marketo-Salesforce integration services.


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If you’re a marketing automation company that is essentially marketing to marketers, you probably have a pretty solid marketing strategy.


It should come as no surprise that Marketo, one of the top marketing automation platforms available, has mastered how to market itself. And we’re not just saying that because we’re Marketo partners. Marketo has a firm understanding of content marketing – sharing content that engages their audiences, and using marketing automation to move that audience through the sales funnel.


Jon Miller, VP Marketing and Co-Founder of Marketo, gave a presentation in 2013 that summarized 5 of the marketing best practices Marketo follows to make their efforts more efficient and drive more revenue (summarized by KickStart Alliance originally here).  And although it’s dated from 2013 we find that these best practices still ring true today.


  • Tailor content to your buying cycle


It’s important to tailor your content and campaigns to where your prospects are. And that doesn’t just mean what social media channel they’re using. It means no matter where the prospect is in the buying cycle, you have an experience tailored toward them.


If it’s a completely new prospect to your company, you want to make it easier for them to find you and get hooked into your content (shorter, “viral”-ready content with no forms to download). When you are in the middle of engaging a prospect and they’re interested in learning more, or researching your solutions, that’s when you want to offer the meatier content that will give them the justification to choose your product (and start to collect more information about them through forms).


  • Incorporate social sharing into every campaign


Adding a social component to your campaigns can easily increase the success of your marketing efforts. Marketo sees up to an 11% increase in reach and engagement of their content just from social media. Measuring the social impact of your campaigns is just as important as having a social media presence. Gathering the analytics from your social campaigns also means you know where to continue to focus your marketing efforts if it’s successful or not.


  • Automate lead nurturing


According to KickStart Alliance, Marketo’s sales process is complex: “buying committees have anywhere from 5 to 21 people, it takes 120 days to move a name to an opportunity and an average of 7 touches to convert a cold lead to a sale.” Marketo uses lead nurturing, and scoring, to automate this process and make sure good leads move through the sales cycle more quickly.


In particular, Marketo uses a 4.1.1 approach to qualify and score leads: “4 pieces of content that are educational, yet entertaining. Then 1 webinar invitation (soft sell) and 1 demo invitation (hard sell).” Throughout this process, Marketo scores leads based on “fit, interest, and buying stage” to better indicate to sales which leads should be higher on their target list.


A sophisticated campaign approach like Marketo’s make take awhile for your team to build (although with drip campaigns you can build as you go!) but once you have the process of scoring and automated lead nurturing in place, you will be well on your way to delivering higher quality leads to your sales team, with less work on their part.


  • Hire sales development reps


Sales Development Reps (SDRs) “call all prospects with a lead score of “Target” to determine if the prospect meets the criteria for a Sales Qualified Leads (SQL)”. This qualifying step can make a world of difference by strengthening the hand off between marketing and sales – solidifying the relationship with the prospect and saving the sales team time by making sure they are only working with qualified leads.


It also ensures that every lead is followed up on. Because if you’re trying to increase your revenue – making sure you’re not letting any leads fall through the cracks is a no brainer!


  • Make your marketing smarter (and bring in more $$$) with analytics


The great part about using Marketo for your marketing campaigns is everything is tracked. For Marketo, they consistently analyze “reach (size of long term revenue), flow (from one stage to another), conversion and velocity of the pipeline” to better report on the impact marketing is having on revenue – and analyze where those efforts can be improved to save money and grow revenue. By taking the time to be smart about setting up and reporting on your marketing efforts, you arm yourself with the knowledge to continue to improve and grow the impact of your programs.


If you want to put these tips to work, but need a little help to start marketing your company like Marketo does, we can help! Contact us for more information on our Marketo execution and marketing automation strategy services today.


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Whether you’ve had an international marketing strategy for years, or you’re just getting started expanding your marketing footprint, it’s important to know the different email communication compliancy laws worldwide or you could be facing some pretty hefty fines.


For the most part, many of the same regulations for U.S. email marketing (known as the CAN-SPAM Act), are covered in international email regulations, with a couple key additions. The CAN-SPAM Act requires your email headers and subject lines be “accurate” and “non-deceptive”, you must also include your physical address and opt out instructions within the email, and honor opt out requests in a timely manner.


Canadian anti-spam laws add additional layers for compliance. In addition to the U.S. requirements, you also need recipients’ permission to email them (including recorded proof) and full business details in the email (including phone number and website).


As the laws change and often become more restrictive to protect recipients’ privacy, it’s important that you continue to check in and ensure that your email marketing sends are in compliance. Although some countries may be more restrictive than others, it’s a good rule of thumb to comply with the most restrictive policy, the more recipients who are opted in to request information from you, the more likely you are to engage with an audience who is receptive to your marketing and sales messages anyway!


Here’s a quick checklist with 6 requirements to follow for compliance with most worldwide anti-spam and unsubscribe rules:


  1. Be honest and accurate with your messaging and calls to action.
  2. Place an unsubscribe link in every email that’s visible and simple to use.
  3. Timely unsubscribe any requests to opt out from your emails (must be under 10 days in the U.S.)
  4. Ensure your recipients are opted in to your emails, and keep proof of that transaction (opt in is required in Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Norway, Spain, Switzerland and Canada).
  5. Make sure your company name and website is in the email and visible.
  6. Put your company address and phone number in the footer of the email.


Looking for the rules for a specific country? Check out our resources section for more information on email requirements by country.


For help with building out your global marketing programs and strategy, we can help! Drop us a line here for more information.