But Wait, There’s More!


We couldn’t stop with just seven ways to optimize your existing marketing automation platform (MAP). It takes more than just seven tips to get a MAP churning out qualified leads as quickly as you need. So here are six more ways to optimize your platform to fit your company’s goals.


1. Add more lead nurturing campaigns. If you’re only sending out drip campaigns through your marketing automation platform, or timed out email messages to prospects over a set period of time, consider testing out more robust nurture paths for your prospects. Finding the right rhythm for your lead nurturing can take time. Building out more complex paths and segments can help you send the most targeted, relevant communications possible.


2. Update content strategy. It’s difficult to execute a good marketing automation strategy without content to back it up. If marketing automation is the vehicle that gets you from point a to b (anonymous website visitor to qualified lead) then content is the gasoline. It’s what powers the whole plan. Take a look at the content you have and where you’re developing new content to make sure it’s in line with where you’re going with marketing automation.


3. Expand to mobile. This isn’t the first time you’ve heard that mobile is increasingly necessary for marketers to understand and master. Make sure mobile is a part of your strategy, whether it’s optimizing email design for mobile or starting text message marketing. If it’s where your audience is, it’s where you should be.


4. Don’t forget multi-channel. Marketing automation isn’t just about email marketing, it’s about mobile, social, websites, search, and more. Make sure you’re thinking about the different places prospects interact with your company and how you can connect with them through your MAP in those places.


5. Take another look at your website. While you’re thinking of multi-channel, don’t forget to take another look at optimizing your website too. Do you have a form or a live chat in the places where prospects may be searching for more information? Are there nurture campaigns set up for people who submit forms on your website?


6. Measure everything. As you continue to test and optimize your marketing automation platform, continue to measure the metrics that matter to you. Take your analysis past website visits or opens and clicks, and make sure you’re measuring conversions from leads to qualified leads, and tracks marketing sourced leads through the funnel to see where your strategy is working, and where it can be improved.


And again, if you have any questions on how you can get more out of your marketing automation strategy, we’re here to help!


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