Marketo Measure

Marketing is a cost center, make no qualms about it. Successful companies reserve a percentage of their budgets to get their names in the marketplace and drive leads. Everything from websites to social, and even direct mail. The challenge has been connecting the costs of marketing directly to revenue. Then came Marketo Measure, the marketing attribution engine that predictively drives marketing investment and based on revenue.

Multi touch attribution, customer attribution modeling, account-based measurement, event and conference tracking, full-funnel insights, and ad network integrations are just a few of the powerful features of the platform.

Marketo Measure, leverages marketing automation, CRM, and accessory application data to track journey engagement by channel. Giving CMOs, lead gen teams, marketing operations professionals, paid media firms and agencies cross channel visibility to predictive analysis to make data driven investments to power growth.

Plan your attribution model, architect it, and do what the most successful marketers of today are doing… managing revenue and tracking results.

Already leveraging Marketo Measure to manage attribution…leverage Nurture Campaigns to take your efforts to the next level!!


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