In order to move forward you have to know where you are. And where are you, you ask? Somewhere between determining the most effective way to market and how to help use marketing to accelerate sales.

The M2S Audit looks at your entire marketing to sales process and documents the key phases to understanding how your particular company markets and sells. This is not how you say you do it, but a true understanding of the reality of how it works. In doing so key areas for improvement are identified and matched to potential solutions that will remove the obstacles to getting more leads and more deals closed. That, our friends, is called growth!

So how does this work? We’d never share our secret sauce. What we will tell you, is that it is a combination of understanding everything from how you acquire and process a ‘lead’, to how marketing gains insight and knowledge on closed customer wins. All of which provide insights into how you can generate more leads. These are the key ingredients in understanding the process and how to best improve the value marketing can have on your organization.

The M2S Audit is a thorough process that includes interviews with key stakeholders, systems review, content evaluation, historical results analysis and is pulled together in a report that highlights immediate, short-term and long-term initiatives that can greatly improve results.

NEXT STEPS:Audit is complete.  What do you do with the recommendations?  Start with Leadous Database Analysis and Planning to clean up and start ongoing data hygiene efforts.


How to Prepare a Marketing Audit to Shape Your Marketing Strategy

The Importance of Marketing Process Reviews

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