All I Want For Christmas…Is a Marketo Expert

During the holiday season your marketing team’s “wish list” probably includes a little time off, a little less noise from that “squeaky wheel” in sales, smooth sailing into 2020 budgeting, and… a Marketo expert?

Seems odd but after years of working with marketing teams on their Marketo instances, this definitely makes the top of the wish list for many of them.

Are you looking for a vetted team member who understands the platform inside and out, who can jump in and quickly push your team to new levels of automation prowess? All while seamlessly architecting and launching emails and analyzing data to drive more lead generation?

Unfortunately for many of the companies we work with, that expectation nets out to a bit of (unrealistic) holiday magic.

Most experienced Marketo pros are self taught by situational learning at one company after another. Their instances are left to collect dust when they move jobs and often no one understands how to pick up where they left off. Sometimes, by the time a new team member is in place, they decide to start from scratch rather than work through the mess without documentation (which is often the stage Leadous gets called in to rebuild!).

That’s why we’ve started offering our Staff Augmentation Services for Adobe and Marketo experts.

Instead of jumping in to pick up the pieces of an unused, undocumented Marketo instance, we provide certified, vetted experts from the get go, with the best practices and proven experience to get your demand generation efforts going the right way, right away.

With Marketing Automation Staff Augmentation, Leadous provides:

  • Expedited placements for resources managed by Leadous
  • A bench of dedicate Marketo experienced professionals
  • An advanced team with specialized Marketo skills to support custom requests around technical integrations and custom HTML
  • Staffing plan created just for you

Don’t worry, in this marketplace where Marketo talent is always hard to find and quick to leave to the next spot…we are constantly preparing a bench so you never go without the expertise you need to leverage your investment in Marketo.

Looking to get yourself into the Marketo job market? Digital Marketers with Marketo experience can take part in Leadous MCA Training Programs to create more value for themselves in the marketplace and to elevate themselves for their next career move.

So for Christmas this year, don’t wait for Santa to bring you your open marketing wishlist, fill your open Marketo role with an Adobe + Marketo certified expert. It’s like buying insurance for your expensive gifts, making sure that you’re always covered no matter the circumstances.

To learn more about marketing automation staff augmentation contact us today.

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