Sales organizations have had account based strategies for years. Focusing their efforts on a handful of accounts that could make or break a sales rep’s year and a company’s profit. Gaps did exist however, in ensuring that sales strategy resulted in profit and technology features that could best accelerate account penetration were not found in a CRM. With Account Based Marketing (ABM) marketers can now align to this focused sales strategy by driving conversion and accelerating revenue in the target accounts with the use of cutting-edge technology.

Let Leadous help you select, implement and manage your ABM technology. Leveraging ABM as an integral component of your martech stack, along with marketing automation, CRM, attribution and accessory applications, will provide the data required to report and optimize engagement data, broad and deep within accounts.

For additional information on the four key components of ABM project success; Preparedness, Audit & Plan, Technology, Strategy and Execution and Measurement and Optimization click here.

Utilizing ABM to segment targeted accounts and drive key messages will further support sales team alignment, streamline lead management, identify opportunities and accelerate wins.

Already have a successful ABM program…leverage Nurture Campaigns to take your efforts to the next level!!


Here is more information by Marketo on how ABM helps any company become more successful.

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What is Account-Based Marketing?

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