4 Ways Marketing Automation Has the Attention of Your Leadership Team

You know your organization needs marketing automation. You’ve got the strategy pulled together and the budget dollars estimated. Now how do you get your C-Suite on board with the investment?

Thankfully, marketing automation isn’t unknown to most executives. At the Leadous event on July 25, Why Marketing Automation Has the Attention of Executives, you can hear directly from three marketing leaders on how and why marketing automation got their attention, and the results they’ve seen soon after implementing marketing automation.

Here’s a sneak peek of the reasons marketing automation is too good to pass up on for the C-Suite.

1) Proving and justifying marketing spend

Marketing automation gives your marketing team room to focus on what’s important, because you’re able to clearly show the entire lifecycle of a lead, from all the activities marketing is driving to drum up interest, down to assets and events that are specifically converting that interest into sales. Using this information, CMOs are able to more efficiently budget their marketing spend, and justify that spend by pointing directly to the revenue they’re driving.

2) Controlling messaging across the organization

Marketing automation goes beyond lead generation. You can use it for onboarding clients, internal employee newsletters, the uses are endless. But the control remains under one platform, which allows marketing to keep a close eye on the company brand.

3) Improving the relationship with sales

The relationship between sales and marketing isn’t always effortless. There’s a natural push and pull that can be improved with a platform that standardizes processes, and clearly divides responsibilities across the company. With a clear process for determining a high quality lead, and an automated hand-off procedure from marketing to sales, sales is happier with the quality of leads they’re getting and bringing in more revenue. And marketing is able to focus more time on fine tuning the system, rather than one off requests. Which leaves less for the CMO to juggle across teams.

4) Becoming an invaluable resource to company strategy

Marketing automation platforms house a huge amount of data that shows the needs and wants of future customers. Using those reports, CMOs are able to help inform not only the marketing strategy, but the broader product and service strategy, based on the trends they’re tracking every day.

Need tips to convince your CMO on the benefit of marketing automation? Attend the Leadous event next week (July 25) at CRAVE Edina to hear directly from executives with experience implementing Marketo. Or contact us today to get started.

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