Strategic Consulting

The result of not having a strategy leaves many teams swirling around an ever changing tactical tornado. Leaving many to never get to the things that can truly make a difference. Every heard the saying “Failing to plan is planning to fail”? Not having a strategy is doing just that.
Asking yourself – Are we ready for a MAP? What is missing in our content portfolio? How do we best leverage campaigns as part of this program? How can we improve our marketing results? And the answer…you don’t know what you don’t know. Enter Leadous.
Strategic consulting services offer companies that require insight, expertise and experience in making the best decisions for their marketing organization, the opportunity to leverage Leadous to augment their team.
Whether it’s a strategy meeting and another seat is needed at the table, a MAP selection or a complex campaign to support a product launch – Leadous resources are mapped by requirement to ensure quality, execution and results for all of your marketing initiatives.

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Overall Marketing Audit

In order to move forward you have to know where you are at. And where are you, you ask? Somewhere between determining the most effective way to market and how to help use marketing to accelerate sales.
The M2S AuditTM looks at your entire marketing to sales process and documents the key phases to understanding how your particular company markets and sells. This is not how you say you do it, but a true understanding of the reality of how it works. In doing so key areas for improvement are identified and matched to potential solutions that will remove the obstacles to getting more leads and more deals closed. That, our friends, is called growth!
So how does this work? We’d never share our secret sauce. What we will tell you is that a combination of understanding everything from how you acquire and process a ‘lead’ to how marketing gains insight and knowledge on closed customers wins. All of which provides insights into how they can generate more leads with companies just like them. These are the key ingredients in understanding the process and how to best improve the value marketing can have on your organization.
The M2S AuditTM is a thorough one month process that includes interviews with key stakeholders, systems review, content evaluation, historical results analysis and is pulled together in a report that highlights immediate, short-term and long-term initiatives that can great improve results.

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Database Analysis and Updating

The devil is in the details. The details are in the database. The database is a mess. It’s the story we hear time and time again. And nine times out of ten, once you get the database cleaned up you’d be surprised what you’ll find out.
Let’s preface this by saying that no database is ever 100% clean. But let’s also say that every database has room for improvement. Whether it is duplicate data, incomplete data or bad data – the data in any marketing database is going to drive results. The better the data, the more accurate the analytics the easier to make sound decisions to improve.
Our process involves a one time update of the database that includes checking for bad emails, duplicates and incomplete records. Usually reducing the amount of data by ⅓, thereby reducing data storage costs. It practically pays for itself.
Garbage in, garbage out. We get the garbage out – for good!

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MAP Audit

When using a Marketing Automation Platform (MAP) there are many ways to get from point A to point B, but point A and point B are always the same. The difference is the route you travel to get there. Not much difference with a MAP, the automation of every company’s unique journey from a name (point A) to a qualified lead (point B) varies based on their uniqueness.
A MAP is more than a email marketing tool, its’ a platform that can offer an array of features to help accelerate the conversion of names to qualified leads – otherwise why would you have bought it in the first place. That being said, It is important
that you know where you are to determine the best route to get you where you want to be. The MAP Audit uncovers where you are, the challenges of now and the future, and what you can do to improve your utilization of your chosen MAP to drive improved results.
This audit conveys the best route for you and suggests immediate, short-term and long-term changes that will leverage the investment you made in your MAP and inevitably drive more qualified leads to sales.
Whether you’re taking a plane, train or automobile we can get you from point A to point B, guiding your route to be the most efficient and effective.

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Campaign Execution

So it probably started at a quarterly review session when team members started to look around the room and ask questions about how many leads were generated last quarter. Followed by what can we do to fix it. It’s that reactive response that is the doom of many marketing teams. But you have a MAP, it’s what separates the big dogs from the little ones and is the true advantage for a marketing organization looking to drive results.
Sometimes the automation a MAP provides can get you relatively far. But to take a leap and drive great success you have to get comfortable running complex campaigns that you ‘execute, report, analyze, adjust and repeat’. This five step cycle provides an iterative process to constantly improve efforts to get the results you want.
Your campaigns consultant will help creative, plan, and execute your campaigns. Then with a watchful eye report on key campaign metrics, provide recommendations to help improve the metrics, adjust the campaigns accordingly – repeating this process over and over for every campaign. The rigor that is associated this type of commitment to success is what makes us special, and helps you succeed.

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Sales Effectiveness

The dialogue you are having with sales probably goes a little something like this…
Marketing: Why didn’t you follow up on those leads we sent you?
Sales: Because they are horrible.
Marketing: Horrible? What does that mean?
Sales: Means sales won’t follow up because they aren’t worth their time.
Leadous: Never fear – we are here! (Ok well at least now we are here.)
This conversation between marketing and sales happens all the time. The bad news, the leads aren’t so great. The good news, they care because they are still talking to you. Now what are you going to do about it.
In this case, Sales effectiveness is about what marketing can do to make sales more effective at finding, selling and closing more business. That means ensuring quality first, consistency second and volume third – but it also means taking responsibility and accountability for getting leads as far into the sales process as possible and seeking constructive feedback so you can meet sales expectations.
We’ll help you develop the baseline, the SLA, the improvement plan and the communication process to get sales what they expect and the feedback you need improve marketing results.

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