Get to Know the Leadous Team: Introducing Jim Hughes

Employee Spotlight on the Director of Customer Success, Jim Hughes




Jim is the Director of Customer Success at Leadous.  He is an accomplished CMO with more than 25 years of leadership in small and large pharmaceutical, medical device, and SAAS markets. He is a strategic leader with a proven record of delivering results and profitability across all areas of commercial operations from ideation and proof of principle through launch and sunset. Jim specializes in team development, performance management, and uncovering unrealized potential.


Q&A With Jim:

Tell us why you were interested in working for Leadous?

My experience and history is in driving company growth. As Leadous’ first client, I was impressed with both the work and the attitude the team brought to my company’s marketing efforts and was not at all surprised to learn of their rapid growth. With less than 15% of B2B companies leveraging marketing automation it’s about as close to greenfield as you can get. I was excited when asked to help operationalize and establish a systems thinking approach to growth without introducing bureaucracy. It serves as a great accelerator that pairs well with the entrepreneurial culture and spirit of service among our entire team. What a great thing to be a part of!


What are you most excited about in your future with Leadous?

We have a tremendous opportunity to shape who and what we as a company are and what space we look to occupy. Certainly it takes discipline to remain focused, but to have as many options for strategic direction setting is a bounty. Marketing automation is barely in its adolescence and remarkably dynamic. Exciting doesn’t even begin to describe the opportunities in this next gen marketing.


What’s one fun fact about you?

I’m not sure whether this is a fun fact or foolish one but when I was 19, I moved in with a friend of mine. We were both bartenders working our way through college and on a whim one day, we both bought motorcycles and spent the summer racing them. I hid this fact from my parents for years. Anyway, that was also the year I met my wife so I guess it wasn’t all foolish!



About LEADOUS LLC: Leadous provides a refreshing perspective on driving quality leads by optimizing the Marketo platform.  Leadous helps its clients accelerate the introduction of integrated campaign management and lead generation initiatives that drive qualified leads to sales.  Leadous works with companies that are looking to improve their marketing outcomes by adopting and leveraging Marketo.

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Get a refreshing perspective on driving quality leads by optimizing the value of marketing automation platforms (MAP).  Accelerate marketing performance by introducing integrated digital campaign management and lead generation initiatives that drive qualified leads to sales.  We work with organizations at the beginning and advanced stages of leveraging marketing automation. Everyone is ready for us to lead them.

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