Audit Identifies Key Areas for Improvement From Marketing to Sales

Monday, June 1st 2015, TWIN CITIES, MN:  Leadous, the Twin Cities’ premiere marketing automation services company, today announced the release of its proprietary M2S Audit™ Report, a marketing to sales process document that greatly improves sales results by identifying gaps in the tools, processes and metrics that help marketing generate leads and salespeople close deals.  The audit process includes interviews with key stakeholders, a systems review, content evaluation, historical results analysis and results in a comprehensive report highlighting immediate, short-term and long-term initiatives.

“The M2S Audit™ is a game changer for companies looking to optimize their marketing to sales process,” said Tracey Ellis, Founder and President of Leadous.  “Through the audit, Leadous maps key areas for the company’s improvement to potential solutions for removing the obstacles to acquiring  more leads and closing more deals.”

M2S™ reporting not only identifies opportunities but provides a process for determining the most efficient path forward to meet sales and marketing goals.

Leadous’ M2S Audit™ was developed with a keen understanding of how successful companies manage marketing and sales initiatives realizing that where the two intersect is the where the real magic can happen. The M2S Audit™ report compares where companies are in the process of determining the most effective ways to market and how to more effectively  use marketing to accelerate sales.  The audit allows the opportunity for a company to truly analyze the ‘as is’ so that there can be improvement which results in growth.

To learn more about the Leadous M2S Audit™ Report, download it at or call 844-LEADOUS.

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